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The urine osmo ality did not increase with the administration of desma presson which confirmed a diagnosis of nefer genyk diabetes and sips as part of the evaluation for the fall c t of the abdomen pelvis was performed and the results showed numerous small renal cysts in the cortex and madala of both kidneys lithium is known to cause to below interstitial nephrology which may be seen on imaging as multiple small cysts management of this patient's condition included a low salt diet and a liberal intake of fluids his sodium level normalized and he was discharged to a rehabilitation facility a thirteen year old boy presented to the orthopedic clinic with a one week history of pain in both knees he was active in sports and had participated in the long jump during the previous six months a physical examination of the right knee showed mild soft tissue swelling and tenderness over the tibial tuber call and the right quadriceps muscle was taught the left knee was normal plane xrays of both knees which were obtained to rule out an emotion fracture given the patient's history of participation in the long jump showed sclerosis and fragmentation of the tibial tuber cle in both knees with soft tissue swelling on the right knee these characteristic findings led to a diagnosis of osgood slaughter disease or osteochondrosis of the tibial tuber call caused by repetitive traction of the patellar tendon added to catchment on the tibial tuber call oscalus slaughter disease typically occurs during the early adolescent growth spurt between ten and fifteen years of age particularly in children who participate in sports that involve running and jumping most cases resolve with supportive treatment the patient received treatment with ice and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs and was provided with instructions for stretching and strengthening exercises for the quadriceps and hamstring muscles at a follow up visit three weeks later the patient reported less pain but stated that he chose not to resume participation in the long jump.

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