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The only issue, of course, is one, getting the cap room because even if especially bergeron's back, you have to then move out quite a few contracts to comment a guy like kadri, who I think is going to get what, at least $7 million, annually on his new deal. And again, also the risk is, all right, you're trying to build with that next generation. Kadri is a very good player, but as I said earlier, he's going to be 32 going into next season. Is that a guy that you want to hand a 5 year contract 6 year contract at $7 million annually? I mean, by what? Year three, he could already be starting to decline up pretty heavily. So definitely something you have to weigh if you're the bruins. Let's see. I guess we'll get one or two more in here. From Joe travia who says if Cassidy does in fact get fired, big if. Who are your top three most likely guys to replace him? Well, knowing the bruins logic, I'd imagine they'd probably first look internally, of course. That's what they always do. At a guy like Joe Sacco, who bruins played pretty well when he was on the venturing that stretch for Cassie was out with COVID. I could see that maybe looking at a guy like Jay leitch, who's out in Seattle right now who seemed to be a logical kind of that next man up if a few years down the road, the bruins wanted to move on from Cassidy..

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