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Into eighty three four home runs on a stolen base but he has twenty two run scored i will. I'm bat in less than a month will love that. I mean that is so insanely valuable especially with the triple eligibility yet. He should be he should be roster in all formats. I think so. I think the ways playing this month at least right now on this heater antenne team or you know you can ride heaters and then move on. That's something that you can always do. So ride this wave. And then if he happens to fall off then you can get rid of louise serious. But he's been playing great. And i seen it twenty four years old definitely still some upside there. You know who is really surprising. New this year is tommy fam- my man has been out here and i gotta be honest. I kinda left him for dead. I really wasn't considering him seems like he's always dealing with seven nagging injuries but plays through them. And i you know. I don't doubt the production like it's it's been there especially from seventeen to nineteen. He was a consistent. Like twenty. twenty type. You only had fifteen steals in in two thousand eighteen but twenty five and seventeen and nineteen so it averages out to twenty twenty over those three seasons rough year last year only played half of it. You can give a pass. But the reason. I didn't give them a full pass is because of his injury history and the fact that he was thirty three. So that's why i was like. Yeah like sure he. You can give them some some leeway on last year. But how much do you really want to and like. I said i didn't draft him. I wasn't really considering him. And tommy fan is out here. Dominating nine homers twelve steals to sixty four three two six four thirty for his line. forty two runs and twenty-seven rabies fans. Ben awesome So i guess were what was your take on him coming into the air. And how do you stand now. That he's killing by the way. I want to also add at different points this year. He was very comfortable because he was toting in the season. All the way through. May i would say he had on may twenty six. He had one ninety eight average. He joins eighty seventy nine in the first month of season. Yeah so that's what i'm saying like and it didn't get much better until very late. May and then he went on a run here. You can kind of see it. There on may twenty sixty starts a run of four straight multi hit games. And that's been his jump off since then. Fam- has seven homers and seven steals With the three forty eight four forty five six hundred so even in this year like i'll be honest. I was probably patting myself on the back. Mentally looking at his numbers at any point through men may like yeah. I knew not to go for him. Confirmation by deep shit and now you look and he's absolutely dominating and that's why even though i pushed back on things like don't call a slow starter fast. Start after twenty five games. I'm doing it myself. And my head here about tommy fam- but he's been awesome. Did you like them coming into the year. And do you believe in in this. Run that we're seeing i mean i. I've always liked tommy fan. I've always been a big tommy. Fan guy the problem was. I was really worried after he got stabbed in the in the off season and then they they. The padres started adding players left in so that to me was like. Oh maybe he is not okay like they keep saying. Yeah you know. They kept back filling for guys. Who could play me out decide kim. They signed profile profile. Back up like they cronin worth already outfield. So they just had backfield's for day. And i was just like all like why would you keep adding to this team. If he's okay. So i became a i. I kinda just avoided him now. I picked him up in a few leaks in season. You know once. I saw that he was healthy. I picked him up in a few twelve's where he had been dropped In so i mean. I love what i've seen so far in our so far this month. Really i mean. He's been he's been really good in the month of june. Like you said since like may twenty six and then he said i think i mean. There's no reason to think he can't continue. Doing you know similar kind of work hitting two sixty to seventy arrests. The way with you know. Power and speed is long as he's healthy. Health is always been the issue for fan. But i'm telling this yeah as far as skills like. I think it's totally fine to be like. Hey i believe in what we're seeing here. it's just a matter of. Are you going to get the rug. Pulled out from you healthwise. And that's that remains a fear. But i don't think you can live like there's nothing you can really do about that fear like unless you unless you're in a trade league and you wanna maybe trying to sell high. That's about the only thing you can do. But nobody's gonna give you a men for him. And i mean might use his or he is insanely hot right now like his heart. Hit percentage You know via stat cast in this stretch. You're talking about since may is fifty. Six percent is gonna thirteen percent barrel rate amac's exit loss of one eleven crapping on the ball. I mean he's he's eighty six contact percentages. You know just above league average not swing outside zone at all. Twenty percent zone are o. swing You know it just like he's doing everything you want him to do At the play and then stealing basis he gets on base In a six stolen bases in the month of june so like yet. i mean. they're going to be some. Why should sell high on it. Like no one buys high on a guy like tommy fan and roll with it at the thing. they're just not gonna gonna pay a man for him now. I would fly on tommy fan so you buy that. It's not gonna cost. It's not gonna cost what it would for different player. Who is doing this. He's thirty three with a plethora of injury history. No one's gonna ask you to give up the farm on tommy fan. Yeah i think it could be like a one four one depending on what position. They need of a similar type of guy. You know that that's like got some issues. Got some wards maybe playing well and then you see what with with that person so i think it could go out and see see what the price is at least knock on some doors. Because i i do. Think that tommy fam- is gettable and if you're comfortable with the risk because again that that injury risk is ever present. That's the only thing i would. I would just caution anybody that wants to go get him. You're still taking on a big risk. But that should hopefully be built into the price and that way you don't end up paying too much for tommy him Turner goes fifth overall. They did you dirty. They're either get to graham. Or mookie betts. I think it's pretty fair. Let's play air nolan focused because this is now up to four forty four with a one twenty three whip. Strikeouts are still there. Walks are still good. The hell's going on. He's kind of got this every other one pattern right now to where he's getting hit up..

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