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So, how did you have a first nation individual in your moving and not have a reference to Turtle Island? So that's so we know why they used a turtle. Okay and in his other symbolic Z. with the terrible turtle, of course, holding up the world and is that. In a change in that conversation more I was very interesting while I was allergic to youth, but it was very interesting but we won't you know more was like the bookstore keeper. the the bookstore owner that was the correlation between those two I know everything but I'm not gonNA. Tell you everything you're GONNA have to You have to show me your cleverness in order to get it and like he said when. He came in and stories. I. Don't like children. You see an are kept sneezing mall I was like I'm allergic to children. So. It was that that wise that that wise. Wit Energy. All right. But now after after morelon tells like you need to go to the southern Oracle to Find out what's happening A trails I will how far that he's like Yo moralize like his ten thousand miles away. So trails like I can't get there. There's no way I can get there. So now because things seeing dismal, he begins to sink into despair right? He leaves more like more like goes back to send back into her space and A trail like is feeling despair. So what happens is a trail now starts to sink into the swamps. A trio begins sink into the swamp so Again Long, story? Short. He sinks and he almost right when he's about to go under and and we also have a new villain energy called the who is the Mork. And it was his basically his big gigantic wolf right and he was hunting a trail he was tracking. You know the Damore and right when Gamarra's about the pounce on him. We have what's called a luck dragon. As kind of like goofy looking dog. Half Dog Half Dragon But the love dragon flies from the skies. His name is core. And he comes any saves a trio. Now. This was like real deep because this was symbolic of like when we get to our lowest point in life. And we feel like there's no hope our inner light or inner self has kinda. Is Unsuitable far by us. It will always be higher awareness are higher self that will come to save us. So we find out now foul core represents the higher self. Okay it's still it's still lost but the higher. So so foul core grabs him brings him up in the air. He's at least was called. Luck. Dragon flies him away. Angle mark is unable to unable to get them right so There's a lot. There's a lot even in and that scene you.

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