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Deportation humanitarian aid, I'm John trout in a late night tweet, President Trump threatens to remove millions of people in the country illegally with US immigration and customs enforcement to begin the removal process next week, official and knowledge of President Trump's tweet says the effort will focus on people who have been issued final deportation orders by federal judges the remain large country. The president has increasingly tried to sim, the flow of Central American migrants crossing the southern border even threatening the Mexican imports would five percent tariffs of the country doesn't do his part to stop the influx, Sierra Crawford. The senate's top Republican Mitch McConnell says he'll force vote next week on President Trump's request for humanitarian aid at the border, the majority of aid, or tells Fox News, the funding some four point five billion dollars is all about humanitarian aid, and he says he wants to put the demo. Kratz on record should they oppose it? So I'm gonna bring it up for standing Democrats balked at the humanitarian funding before house speaker Nancy Pelosi says that's because it was attached to the disaster relief Bill for states recovering from natural disasters like floods really don't have anything to do with what we're trying to do for disaster assistance, quite simply without some democratic votes. The numbers just aren't there to pass the Bill and if it does pass in the Senate, it still has to pass muster in the house. Linda Kenyon, Washington action now on what US officials say is a growing threat from Iran, that married. Men could be ordained priests if there is a shortage of priests in that area, very Vatican is considering breaking a centuries old tradition. Correspondent Delia Gallagher says pope Francis has called for a special meeting in October to discuss the issue. The Vatican considering the move for underserved, areas of South America. On Wall Street yesterday, the Dow Jones industrial. The average finished.

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