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Just ahead of headlines. Traffic and weather together coming up after flashback a new study might surprise you the results, but right now to AJ Kathy and Dennis. It was January ember Shaw fled Iran has left. He says for a vacation is either. The big box office it at the movies. Christopher Reeve superman. Daily. On TV, the dukes of hazzard made their debut. And the number one hit on the radio. Fiji's too much heaven. What year was nineteen seventy seven's nineteen seventy eight or nineteen seventy nine. AJ all three choices seventy seven seventy eight or seventy nine. Seventy eight. Kathy's seventy seven or seventy nine. Dennis that leaves you with one thousand nine hundred seventy nine and I would not go anywhere. The Shaw left Iran for more than a vacation superman was big at the box office. The dukes where new on television and the BG's were number one the year nineteen Seventy-nine, congratulations, dentist, she got that pair of tickets to see the Glenn Miller orchestra at the Tobin.

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