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To Mansfield and then coming off Cape a lot better on Route six. Westbound now just really a slight back up at the Sagamore Bridge. My king WBC's traffic on the three. All right, lots of weather news to talk about tonight. Let's start with the immediate issue. Right now. We have a severe thunderstorm warning upfront until just about 7 15 for this line of storms right now is making its way through central Massachusetts coming into the 4 95 belt right now. Storming right now in Dunstable gratin, surely getting over toward Lancaster Boylston over into Westboro, then graft in Millbury. Oxford. You're seeing some storms Webster as well. Douglas and then getting into northern Rhode Island. National Weather Service says these storms could drop any size Hail 60 mile an hour winds involved with these. They're making their way to the east. Now, later on tonight, everything should clear up. We do have a watch. In effect till 11 o'clock. There is the possibility of storms. Still just about 11. But after that, partly cloudy alot near 66 tomorrow Mostly cloudy may be a storm in the afternoon, but certainly very different than today. A high just 71 degrees. And then of course, we have Tropical storm Elsa making its way toward our neck of the woods showing up on Friday. Tropical Storm Watch already up for the South Coast, Cape and Islands. Let's get a temperature check right now We're at 85 in Cohasset, 77 Gardner 82 in rally and right now in Boston at 6 35. It is hazy and cloudy. 88 degrees. We are learning more tonight about the men who allegedly gunned down two black residents in Winthrop earlier this month, portions of Nathan Allens Diary released today, Investigators say they included phrases like and I'm quoting here. Racism is healthy and natural and holding it in is bad for you. End quote Here's police chief Terrance Delahanty. We're currently working with the Dukes attorney's office, the state police My deputy chief is leading up the investigation with them on the winter side and the FBI were obviously combing through all the materials, the state police and the district turn you mentioned earlier today. As well as electronic devices to ensure there is no other connections will continue.

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