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Policy when it comes to misinformation about the virus, President Trump retweeted the video, but it was taken down. His account remains active. A tropical system is forming in the Atlantic Ocean in the forecast track has it moving into the Caribbean and possibly Florida, A system brewing east of the Lesser Antilles is now listed as a potential tropical cyclone. Ah, potential tropical cyclone means that the ingredients are in place, and there's high confidence of the developing into a A tropical cyclone of depression or named storms and his falcon at the National Hurricane Center says it allows them to issue advisories sooner. A storm warning is now up on the Windward Islands, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. The long range forecast is less certain but includes Florida for Florida just monitor the progress and updates of the forecast during the next couple of days in Broward County, Florida Evan Brown Fox, New Wall Street closed at lost 205 points and NASDAQ off 1 34 The S and P minus He points silently. Scylla, Sarah Wcbm Baltimore More heat humidity for us as we head through midweek, Slight chance for a shower storm here tonight. Allies part mostly cloudy skies temperatures tonight on Lee Drop down into the low seventies. It'll be hot and humid Wednesday, mostly sunny mid nineties tomorrow afternoon. More humidity Thursday mix of clouds. Slight chance for an afternoon evening. Storm. High temperatures again part of the nineties. Better chance for afternoon showers and storms on Friday with high temperatures around 90 I'm candy from the weather Channel for talk Radio, 6 80 Wcbm Wcbm Studios air sponsored by Safe Retirement Solutions, Call Rod Borowy for 10266 11 20 Safe retirement solutions dot.

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