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With stations all over the US North America, Puerto Rico Guam and by satellite. We are. Coast to coast AM Connie Willis here broadcasting out of one of our many affiliates. KOA NewsRadio Inver. Okay. Our next guest here. Let's get right to it. Now, he has been around for a long time. And he has a ton of information that he has given us it is an honor to talk with him. He is very well respected in the UFO world. And he's a pretty nice guy too. By the way. So I wanna make sure I give all his little credentials out because I think it's worthy. And he deserves it for sure a lot of times I like to go really quick and get to them. But for those of you that have never heard about Bruce. Let me let me give you some of the information long career at the naval service warfare center. He's worked on optical data processing generation of underwater sound with lasers and various. Aspects of the strategic defense initiative and ballistic missile defense using high. Powered lasers. It's always amazing to me the background of the people that really get into studying the UFO's because their major may. I mean, they're really intelligent people that get into this. And all of a sudden, you know, they're they're learning and finding out information on UFO's that significant he has been active in UFO research since the late nineteen sixties he joined the national investigations committee on aerial phenomena and was active in research an investigation for nightcap. What I just said and till its demise in nineteen eighty. So he's been doing this for a while he became a member of move on back in seventy five and appointed to the position of state director for Maryland. I think he's still holds that. At least the information. I got at the time. It had said that and seventy nine he was a part of establishing the fund for UFO research and was the chairman for about thirteen years. He presently serves on the national board of the fund his ufl research investigations extensive very particular as well, incredibly detailed. He's also done historical research and was the first who obtain the flying disc file of the FBI. That's the real X-Files files. Folks. He's authored and co authored many books may articles. If you go looking him up you're going to see a ton of things he's listed also in the who's who in technology today. An American men and women of science another thing. This is not just some guy called out, you know, pulled himself out of Iraq. And he's saying your foes UFO's UFO's. No. I mean, you have to see stuff is so meticulous. I was I was reading some of this stuff preparing for tonight with the green lights, and I just I couldn't. I mean every sentence. Nothing was. Is thrown away. Every sentence was used to throw something at you more information at you. His amazing. He's appeared on a lot of radio and TV shows. He's been around for a long time and documentaries you've seen him before. And you know, what is even cooler? He's an accomplished pianist and organist, and I think that is really awesome. And I had fun talking with them just to meet him for the first time. I've always seen his work, but it was great to chat with him beforehand and only talk a little bit because I don't I don't want to mess up the show. So we talked and we even laughed at a few jokes. And so anyway, let's welcome in Bruce Maccabi, welcome Bruce. It's an honor to have you here on coast to coast. Oh, we have the coast to coast host the host short direction across the United States and a longer action by heading eastward from New York City going around the earth until you get back to you in Los Angeles. There you go. Bumper music made me think I should write another song. Oh who am? I. Well, could you sing it to would you do by Oregon, and would you sing along with it? Oh, sing it. Pianist not singer, right? I got you. Well. Who are you? Well, bring it on who am I who? Well, maybe we can get them to sing it or they still around. Can they do that? But you got to play the piano. So so Bruce it is. I know there's a bazillion things we can talk to you about because you have written so much. It's amazing. I had asked can we talk specifically because I was very interested in these green lights that you've written about these green fireballs. And I guess really one of the things I do like to do is. I like to study all the different genres and try to pull them together. Now, I don't know that this blends in with any of the other things, but but I just wanna throw it out there because you've written this information. I just want to tell you why it's important to me. So you talked to goes people. They have all these little weird orbs and things flashing around. You talk to Bigfoot people. There's orbs and little things flashing around. You talk to you up. Oh, people there's orbs and little green flashes in different things popping around even people that do out of body experiences. They get these little light flashes too. Don't think that that's part. Of this. Don't know. I don't think so. But you tell me about these green lights that you've written about and that they've been seen, and it's still unsolved. Yes. It's still unsolved mystery green higher balls became. Notice affair there had been occasional things happening in the years preceding, December of nineteen forty eight. But in the summer of nineteen forty eight. Six summer or exact data was. Oh, they had like a dozen fireballs go over and these are already seen over the southwestern United States. One of the most amazing things about the green fireballs. They were concentrated all over the next two years concentrated over the southwestern United States hardly any reports or green fireballs. Other parts of the world. So anyway. Yeah. People who took note of these things in particular whether the security guards around. Are sensitive installations having to do with us topic energy. I have plant in a state of Washington. But I made atomic war. Materials and Los Alamos, New Mexico where are they designed bombs? Texas Fort Hood, Texas, where they stored atomic bombs have been made. March nineteen seventy nine. There are lots of little. Uh-huh. Little basketball, maybe ten or twenty feet long. He's just moving around in the woods. But this is embedded in a much larger period of time and wish new phenomena had started. That's phenomena way, call flying saucers that goes back to the spring of nineteen forty seven. A number of people Scottish United States saw the strange object to the sky. Thought. Well, must be that the. Yeah. I got some new type of aircraft. Fly didn't tell people about. A witness wouldn't be likely to tell somebody about it because they didn't want to be considered to be crazy. Fearless flying to the sky. Flat disc shaped thing. Wasn't until Kenneth titled saw so really good sighting. Very measurements. So these objects. As far as he can do by by visual events. Came up with seventeen hundred miles an hour for his flat semi circular shape things travel long, very wobbling abrupt manner like skipping starring R. Are are skipping us author on the water. Zoom air force. But he could imagine how they could get it to fly. Couldn't see any engines that he couldn't see any. Wings, taylor. Stuff is normal aircraft. She's alive. So. Yeah. Friends about it. Had a lot of credibility because of being involved with flying for years. So they tended to believe what he was saying describing these objects. The got the newspapers this the whole story was about three minutes in June. Which I wrote a couple of years ago. This is the beginning of the the what has been called the flying. Saucer Cray is. Nowadays. We emphasize the joy ace events surrounding the Roswell has well. Right. But it's important to realize it. Oh that would have been the answer to all the mysteries. I going on. If you could get the answer. Fac is it general, Amy? Stomped on a story about the Roswell crash so hard. It was. Bottled up in a day and then become a subject for discussion for thirty years. Until nineteen seventy eight seventy nine STAN Freeman I picked up on Jesse marshalls claims that he had hell hell, he's fine. Saucer back at the time. Ninety forty seven. What was impressive was number of sightings reported. News papers. Probably over thousands of sightings. The air force massive collect a dozen. Maybe it doesn't. Half. Reasonably good, someone involving pilots and saw. So that started off the. Phenomenon. Strange things flying to the sky. That started in June nineteen forty seven the fall nineteen forty seven air force top air force Republican. Decided that these things were real I remember they couldn't really tell the American people about because. They still should've told us though, you know, they still should've told us. They can't do anything about it. Either. All right. A number of. Possible explanations. Okay. Considered for these reports. Typically, a person would Baker report and some guru. I'll try to explain it away. Maybe eighty percent of the cases, the accident could be logical people can miss identify balloons, and Burs aircrafts and all sorts of stuff. That's why this guy. I had enough reports from pilots and people tell you. Okay. Technical training. Began studying that you're saying as of September nineteen forty seven. Those people have concluded that these things are real. And they just didn't know what they signify where they came from what they were doing and all that. So they set up a project called project I which began in January of nineteen forty eight. Continue through forty eight. Was saying continually coming in. But nowhere near the rate that happened when I started in June twenty four June late, June, forty seven and went through the first couple of weeks of July. It was a maybe a thousand sightings very period of time. And then the setting rate dropped off precipitously. People may have thought the whole thing was over. But I wasn't. They were continually getting a dozen or so reports month anyway. In the spring and summer of ninety four eighty collected a couple of hundred sightings, analyze Emma. Took one citing the childhood inciting which by the way was portrayed in the..

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