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That is supposed to happen. That's a bad idea is being made. Currently i believe in canada for disney. Plays the premise. Oh well as a disney employ. It sounds like a great idea. What is what is the premise of the remake. I don't think that there's anything. I don't think they're trying to reinvent the wheel. I think i think you guys. Chris no no i mean i we. I think we know a couple of the people who are. On the periphery of. I don't know who's playing the kid. It's archie gates who was most recently and joe rabbit. Okay i think rob delaney plays mr mcalister or the father figure. I can't remember someone. Also notable plays mrs mikhail. Strikes can't remember the actress. But i think it's just like a. That seems like kathryn hahn written all over it. I don't know how it could be. It just seems like a puree made like a remiss..

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