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Meets back in an alley is still here She was we were told get was coming back on wednesday but he coming in yes so now to cross thing but You know your arm is all messed up. It's funny watching you've put on headphones other. So does that mean. You don't want to do the i had today. Slate of the. You're going to do the milk crate. Challenge on talk for us that i watch. I get sucked into those videos. I put one up so we put a montage together of all the ones. They're trying to ban that thing. Which right away. When i saw hade talks trying to ban the milk crate challenge like ooh. What's the milk crate reminds me of. What are the salt team cracker challenge. That's nothing compared to this. Juju smith schuster stand out wide receiver for the pittsburgh steelers. Did it this idiot. Why would you do tackling protect the money. I'm going to do the doctor. He did it. But he did it. For the follows. Yeah well he should have been. He should have been fined for that. I contract and you're pretty much putting it. I mean that is wrong if you blow out a knee or watching people do this thing. And it's like described the challenge. So it's a it's a if you take a bunch of milk crates and you stack them up into like a triangle and they're supposed to walk up and walk down the other side. Yeah it as you're walking up you start to shake on stable and then when you fall. You're falling from high up and on top of these crates because it collapsed. There was one that i saw. The family was doing and there was like an elderly guy. It was like the grandfather doing this. And the the the grandchildren were taping. I'm like what do we do you ever. That must have been in the beginning. Because now it's out there where you just you just watch. What am i doing that. That's it getting these mill creek eagles who it all day. Yeah right. where are you getting these. I need them at home. Store stuff back kroger's kroger's start grabbing him. Kroger's gonna love kids do it this weekend and be great. Well let's sit at the fireworks. We'll just tell if you want a free. Gee shirts road and by the way. Is you to be affordable line up. And they'll be like yeah right. I was going to say they're going to be We're have to have rats out there for front road. The fireworks it's going to i. I was talking to doves about this yesterday. Our listeners ingenuity will not cease to amaze me. Because i guarantee you they will show up with those cheap little floaters that you just sit and lay on. Just hang out in the water all day. Yeah they'll figure it out. These days are attached to the floating. And they're going be. They'll figure that out not to read the sign at the table that i'm at says Hey just text in and you could be in drawing voice over the kid chris. Show that i've been getting more and more sucked in. i like to. I like challenges. Those are funny online. The only problem is is my kids are on that to talk to you know and i'm like well i've come home and see them crawling up these damn mill even though they're little so those this balance but i don't need any again. Luckily they would have to find. Those mill creek saturday's milk crates alone for a radio. Bit is going to do it. Well that's the only thing they do at these bill create challenges out like on the corner with these people and then while somebody's walking up the run over and push it. I'm like what are you doing. Let them following its own. It's more funny walking in. He smells of booze gambling christian man. His name is brian combs from seventy wwl w he was out last night celebrating his birthday. Where'd you go. Ask the ballpark handlebar. I've said very nice is other than the reds hitting birthday. Like birthday certificate or something. You know okay this at all. I really wanted was a win is little consolation prize. I did that on the jon. Benet bet on my home team know the way it's looking. I would bet that they don't make the playoffs. Gosh i mean kinda get. The bats gone was awful last night. Yeah you watch this guy throwing seventy miles an hour strike in this out. Look i know the little guys crushing yet. There's if you kid. Chris dot com by the way there was The camera caught these two little league. Kids sitting Waiting for their time to play whatever and one is looking on the phone and he holds it over shows his friend. And it's a chick with these big breasts. tv. I don't keep goes. Yeah it's up. My kid chris dot com would be doing funny now. I heard that You know. Mike mcconnell on seven hundred wwl w talks to guide. It's over in england and they had the variant before us and its weaning down over there right. Yeah i mean. I guess depending on what part of your yeah but yeah i mean. They're starting to see some of the things we're seeing in the tri-state But the backside of it. Yeah so mean you know the desk start get reported at the end. The more worse outcomes you here as it kind of starts to dial yup to kicks in right have or get up to eighty five percent of the people vaccinate. Then be one way of it. Depends on how they were monitoring the vaccinations over there right. Yeah they definitely are further behind vaccinating people we are. They are really okay. That's interesting so i guess that's of mcdonald's's i guess talking about closing you know the indoor portions of their restaurant where there's high spread and they define high spread is two hundred and fifty cases per one thousand people so the cdc's got the map and you can look at all the different tristate counties and see you know where it's the worst in Hamilton county's not not bad a shape Relatively speaking because the vaccination rate is up sixty percent. Yeah but if you go to a place like switzerland county which is you know just past dearborn county. You've got a rate of seven hundred cases for one hundred thousand people right. And they've got a vaccination rate. That's like twenty percent rental so i mean the correlation is there for those who don't want to believe it so basically what you're saying wherever the houses are cheaper you're probably going to get sick. People did not get vaccinated. Maybe they figure in rural areas. They didn't need to because they were more spaced out from neighbors. And and there's not as many places to gather but but now let's go back to school now. We're seeing it spread from the kids to home any schools that are not mandating masks.

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