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Hinch what a job that he's done he was named the manager prior to the twenty fifteen season when they made their first playoff appearance so i mean this guy's like tito tito francona the houston astros to playoff appearances last time they were in the playoffs was losing that world series of being being swept out of that world series under phil garner in two thousand five year before believe that they actually won a playoff off series for the first time prior to that swept out you know one three games to one in ninety nine the three games to one in ninety eight and swept out in ninety seven so <hes> they didn't even play a game with an opportunity to clinch a single playoff series until they advanced to the l._c._s. and in heartbreaking fashion they took a three games to two lead into game sex and yeah they could not beat the saint louis cards. They handled it the handler just fine in two thousand five but again they were swept in the world series aboard all the big names that you might have seen from the houston astros recently you know all about you know jason castro jose altuve vais dallas heikal heikal justin verlander a year ago but go back a little further rosewall was alleging lance berkman patrolled that centerfield they had the hill the flagpole out there they've done away with data mid minute maid park and i think that that is exactly a common sense move ricardo hill dogto roger clements game there for a little bit it was it it was him an paddock the buddy system from the new york yankees down to play in their home state of texas and visual and bagwell there forever can ted kennedy committee steve steve finley jose cruz dickie thon if you want to go back a little bit before my time all right that's enough out of the houston astros droz. We'll talk more houston sports out of the other side. My name's jeffords sports overnight america use addition and we'll be right back. They want stronger hits this one high in the air at pretty deep to right center field going back under the shield. He is at the wall. He leaves at the astros. Lead is to to to to davies throws hidden in the area right backing vacuum up santana and this fall out corruption slab just like that. I think the field leading the league off signal jeanine bingo santana catchable gotcha law goes deep into the at-bat. You're listening to sports.

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