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We're going to be a well above freezing at the surface be the speed and track. I've talked about it yesterday will depend on. If we see rain changing over even mixing in with some snow late tomorrow evening through the overnight into the first part of Friday morning on the roads have already been Brian. So search is taking the precautions just in case. But again, I think we're gonna be fine here. Not out of the question to see some rain mixing changing over to some snow again overnight tomorrow night into Friday morning, but let's give me west at us. And I'm still watching the track of this upper level low. It's has slowed down and attract a little bit farther south now yesterday all the data had it coming right over us, which would give us a chance of some rain mixing or changing over to snow now it hasn't going farther south. The upper level low, but weather services out of Abilene and if here in Fort Worth coordinated and they put out a winter storm watch for maybe one to three inches of snow from Wichita falls to Graham, the Stephenville the Brown went all the way out to Abilene could get a little dicey out there. But that's between three pm tomorrow nine AM early on Friday morning. So our weather today refined sixty showers overnight tonight, a low of fifty three or so falling temperatures by tomorrow evening down into the low forties, and that's the window. I'll watch. But again, I think it'd be well to the west of Denton Fort Worth and Graham berry, otherwise temperatures tomorrow will be a cooler and then Friday will have lows around thirty eight very windy conditions. So that's the thing I'm going to stress we're gonna wind gusting as high as forty five miles per hour tomorrow evening through the overnight clearing skies. Late friday. Highs will be near fifty right now. We're at forty nine care L, D news, traffic and weather all day. Listen anytime, anywhere. Download the radio dot com app and favorite NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD..

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