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Dot org. But don't do like I did do the complete thing over the left hand side. There's a history and everything else you have to do. I did part of it. I thought it was done. But I wasn't. Well, she and I think you know, with that email that came out of the end of last week. The whole this We were the first state in the country to do an online registration system, so it is a little bit of a work. In progress, so there is a two step process. When you register online you go in you put in your basic information, and then you get an email or a text with a confirmation number and you have to go back into your registry and complete all of the information. And I think a lot of people didn't really realize that it first and you're not so you your education has to be complete before you're eligible for the vaccine. But new give vaccine or do get registered. Do get registered. And if it's your turn, go get your vaccination. It's gonna be a Tuesday two step process, But get the first one. You know, I I have no idea where we stand. Honestly, right now with the ones in the two Should everybody get a one before everybody gets to two and all that kind of stuff. You know, that's up to people much smarter than me. All right. I had a call when you first jumped on here by a gentleman gentleman called said he's been trying to get in touch with your agency for a year. I didn't ask him what his problem was. Is Eric, do you guys have phone numbers? Is there one central person that they can call this guy? Call you really listening right now? Give him a number. He can call right and reach a person. Absolutely, um, you know, at our agency, the aging and Disability Resource Center we We tend not to have the crazy hold times that you get when you try to call the Department of Health, but we are experiencing a really high volume of calls. Due to the assistance we're giving well, he said. Sometimes you might have to wait for 20 minutes to a half an hour before you get to a person. Generally speaking, I can tell you that More. The first thing in the morning is best right now. I just looked at the pew and I can tell you that the whole time if you call that 804 32080 number is about eight minutes. That's not so bad. And so if this guy was calling about something else can he call that 800 number and talk? Absolutely you, dude. Call 804 32 2084 32 2080 got an eight minute hold right now you'll talk to real prison. All right. Medicare, Medicare, Medicare. Medicare is still everything on the morning television all the cable stations. Is wall to wall Medicare, driving me crazy. I love Joe Nemeth for Broadway. Joe. Go away. So where are we with that? Well, that's gonna end at the end of March. Ok? Luckily and but it'll start back up again. Um, the reason that you're still seeing all those Medicare commercials is because right now, We're in the general enrollment period for Medicare. So every year from January until the end of March. That's the it's called the General enrollment period. That's from people who Declined Medicare when they were first eligible. Say you turn 65. You thought you didn't eat it or you couldn't afford the premium and you declined. It now's when you can apply. If you've decided that it's a good idea, after all. Now, it is very think that is very complex and very difficult. Is there anybody in the state to talk to about that problem? There sure is. You're gonna end up talking to me most likely and you reach me by calling the 80 RC at that one magic number 804 322080, Chris, Winter around. Give me Chris. Well, you just tell people that you need some help getting enrolled in Medicare and they'll just send you right to me. Um You. The important thing. There's a couple important things about the general enrollment period. First of all you have to apply before March 31st because the general enrollment period closes on March 30% You have to wait till 2022 So it's very important and time sensitive. Um There are Medicaid programs. That might be able to help with the Medicare premiums and the Medicare penalties. Because if you didn't sign up for Medicare when you were first eligible You are going to be assessed penalties, But there are programs that can help with that. And if you give us a call at the A T R C the at aging a long term services, I'll be able Tol figure out You know how we can get this to work for you? So that's what important thing about Medicare and then the second thing is that same time period beginning of January to the end of March is the And roll that period for Medicare advantage plan. So Until March. 31st if you have an advantage plan You can change to a different advantage plan or you can go back to original Medicare. Um and we were just talking before we went live. Even people who just signed up Medicare and managed by on or who changed their Medicare advantage plan during open enrollment in the fall. Um A lot of times what happens Well, a lot of times What happens occasionally is that people change during open enrollment. To a different from one Medicare advantage plan to a different one. And then maybe they discover that it doesn't work for them as well as they thought it was going to. For one reason or another there, doctor, a doctor they have that they want to see isn't in the network. They're taking a medication that the plan doesn't cover very well. And for whatever reason, the plan that they thought was going to get him through 2021 just isn't working out. It ain't working for you so you can change right now. Right now. You can change. You can change right now. But Again on Lee until March, 31st. And that's why Joe Nemeth is still on the TV trying E. I love Joe. But come on s O u got six weeks until the all that is up. All right To recap in here Chris Winter.

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