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A lot of the condom it's easy to get lost in in a lot of the extra calories and also the extra sugar along the way ketchups another big one with one teaspoon of sugar in every tablespoon serving that's a lot ketchup as the startling amount of added sugar eggar and a lot of its corn syrup many of the catch a products have corn syrup in them and interest loaded so you'll be cautious with a tomato sauce hasn't soups that's another one if it's a it's it's sweet tasting tomato soup you know it's got tons of sugar always check the labels you have to learn to be a label reader the vetter your reading labels the better off you're going to be all the way round just because of that no fruit juice his another one and one of the keys that you look at fruit juice you think well that's healthy right it's always use ores apple juice or it's great juice but is concentrated sugar because all the pulp and the main products of the fruit are gone and aegis you're left with houston that's it so one glass of jews could have almost forty grams of sugar in it i mean it is you must be drink can of soda a full blown sugary soda really now there's some health benefits to it i mean or issues benefits because it comes from a natural source but what does your body the sugar content of what it does is the same limit as another one limits are wonderful and putting limits in water is wonderful but the sugar the added to it at about thirty grams per glass is not so wonderful so if you want to option for lemonade get some purified water or distilled water put a hold them in there and put some stevia extract in their taste amazing and it's an easy way to do that all right for the southern folks in southern folk sweet tea is another one so it's so funny when you go the south when i go up north and travel it's just.

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