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You can have my franchise and do justice to and i'm really incident in story to the i like those storylines crown jewel judge exercise being in a courtroom. So really aside for that. Of course the warriors are back Number six is judas. In black messiah i mean key stanfield is is a rockstar in Dan lewis incredible in just. I can't wait for that film Number five for me is i'm gonna go with the internals I haven't seen no-man's-land. And i love wacky intergalactic Essential beans into seeing what they're gonna do that. Casts i mean is incredible. I mean they finally someone hired angelina jolie to be in a comic book movie which i think like maybe a little too little too late but i hope that she knocked out of the park and richard man who i'm a big game of thrones fan and and bodyguards seeing him on the big screen and kit harrington to but boy john snow gins some love and and a bit or some. I'm really excited to see what they do. They're in The cast is incredible number four su squad. I mean james gunn rated r. ijaz elba margot robbie harley. I'm just so excited to see what this film has offer in. King shark eating. Some people's heads off is going to be awesome. And seeing what mr johnson who hasn't really impressed me as an actor. I liked him. I think he does not bad. He's not that bad. Now guess firehouse fill own on either. I can't see you man antsy you Number three is quiet place. Who i know you guys. Yeah i saw. We both saw can't see this number three super excited jank my guy and then number two going back soon. Be in a big Horror fan in my favorite Slasher ball time. That's how in kills nice and jc. I totally forgot to do my five through two. So i let me run through those My number five is what the french dispatch. I love wes. Anderson film stat is absolutely something that was looking forward to this year. Totally bummed ad. Move out twenty twenty one. But i'm excited to get to that number. Four is that jay. That's elliot's number. Two halloween kills. I've heard stuff about halloween. Kills so maybe. Some controversial similar to halloween two thousand eighteen. But i'm definitely looking forward to it. I wish that we just released both miss year. Because i'm definitely want to see the end of this number. Three is one that jaycee. And i talked about the line. It's one of those that it's a we don't we do. I don't think it's going to be on the level that its predecessor is but i think the sopranos is the greatest show of all time in my personal opinion so seeing the prequel the minister of work. I'm very excited to see whether going here. Just taking back to newark in the nineteen sixties and just see johnny and it's for meagre. Yeah so it's going to be fantastic and a number two the original of mustard yup number two..

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