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Channel five i would is news weather forecast for today what's really nice partly cloudy chance of a thunderstorm later on though high of eighty eight low sixty four tomorrow partly cloudy high 87 low of sixty seven early it sunny and seventy six of might be faced houston eagle looking for something they me welcome back when a seven one it's donna hans meyer data's vacation but him with shannon was cnn and ryan and so candy had the hollywood early excusing our hollywood halloween cap it all of of our country unocha well candy for halloween in unocha what they're hey it got revised okay what happened well there was a debate going on earlier in the past few months here of a candy will not be allowed at the end will unocha halloween parade which is one of the biggest parade yes there in minnesota and i had no idea so this kind of this story can abroad are the attention to a noko being the the halloween capital of the world and learn leah you know minnesota and are a safety concerns you know our parades kids are you know they're running all over the place there's vehicles around either have you been in this parade there have been in the spring time in the nsc he also because a lot of times of the media comes to be there and so every radio station have been at before i was here now here in this parade it's a really long parade and so a lot of your kids go there to give the candied as much as you say as a parade participant that we're not supposed to throw candy on us was it tuesda because that's would would get kids to run out to the role you kids still have this expectation that there's going to be candy so they just keep rushing out and you always are going to run out your eyes going to do this is just really understand the motivation as to why they were doing it and trying to keep all the kids save out of the road because they're running they're even though you're cars moving slow sub happen at all so i understand why they didn't want you to put the caddied there but i also understand the backlash because that's it's already created this expectation asi's imbalanced seems like there has to be another option right like a certain amount of a little getaway or online you can't passer see but that's just.

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