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A cbc podcast well. It's nail biting time in montreal as the has looked to bring lord stanley's cup north of the border for the first time in almost three decades but the montreal canadians trail the defending stanley cup champion. Tampa bay lightning 3-nil as we get set for game four tonight to people who still think perhaps can repeat the magic of nineteen ninety-three join me now lynch ally a self-proclaimed hab superfan store dash is one of the partners mcclain's pub just a short walk away from the mail center. Good morning to you both. Good morning lyn. I hear you managed to gate to get tickets to friday night's game. Tell me what was it like walking into the bell centre that night. I've got to share it with my eight and a half year old son. 'cause we can season ticket holders for a while now and the heart pounding pandemonium inside and outside it was pretty overwhelming but it was pretty awesome and it was cool to be able to share it with the little guy. Who's a huge hockey fan and hockey player to boot. Okay so now. What was it like walking out of the bell center after the game. Well you know it was pretty calm. People were still you know. I've as compared to some other playoff series. I've attended and some you know some other times when the haves to has fortunes didn't look so great. I found that people were still relatively upbeat now. Whether that's because of the prevailing feeling that You know that they weren't even supposed to make it this far. So let's celebrate while we still can or the fact that this team has pulled miracles out of its collective hat before. Perhaps they're going to do it again. but it was. It was sad but it wasn't defeated. Which was actually a welcome relief. The long-suffering hat fan. I'm with you. I'm a montreal or have been suffering for a while too. So we're all in this together a stewart. Tell me about the the crowd. You're pub on friday night and it. Just give me a sense of the mood. And how important the hab stanley cup run has been to the city of montreal. Well i think In general for the city of montreal. This just been incredible. The with vaccine rollout never coming into play Bars reopening in restaurants reopening. It just worked at well at our place Electric it was the our capacities louder than three or four times capacity. It was so loud beautiful wonderful experience for you. Know in store for non sports fans out there..

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