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Probably six or seven long time to be in such an oppressive situation and to do with something like that. In. It's not fatal only guy to E. K. Mantha. So really I think you're doing very well. Very well. Yeah I feel like I. Feel like I. AM especially since you know when I graduated from university in two thousand nineteen last year. With all that staunch now and doing all that stuff at the university and stuff like that. You know I feel like. I have come such a long way and I've learned so much from it and my half I went from being a Christian to being awakened. Because I just felt so much more meaning in it and. Being a Wiccan I was able to really analyze the situation site. Okay. So. This is what happens and once I got into the house. Of course aged myself was like there's no nothing attached. You're not allowed to be attached to me anymore. You're not allowed to be around me. You're not allowed to influence me. You are not here. This is my body is my house in this is my life Lewisham each. Through took control done. Yes. Happy stumps. So. Awesome. Sorry even though it was such a devastating time for your family Vukasin. These law hitting the tunnel and Good things can come out off negative situations even affects just learning about your onstream in your own abilities. Yes. Good things can come out of these situations that I will say during the staff we had we had a dog. We still have are actually, but she went through a lot of stuff to with the entity and with all this negativity you know she was losing way and she was attacked by another dog during. And so me away fiance we've actually adopted her now at she's hours and we kind of consider our house her retirement home. She has an amazing wife right now she's walked every single day. She gets trades CD oil for her oth- rightous and nobody believes me but she's seventeen years old. And I feel like I rescued her from the situation and she's just riding my God. And of course, she's a family member. So. Lately, Office. Insert I feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel if it's just. A dog being rescued or just yourself or anything like there's always light on there's always hope. And you know you just gotTa keep living to the next Danny? and. Even though I don't talk to my brother, he anymore I'm glad that he chose to keep living till the next day..

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