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Are from benjamin adekunle. Also known as block scorpion. Let talk marine do told effects radio reporter and i thought we should have that moves and our troops much into the setup of ebou territory with shoot at everton even at things that's duluth and of on no if ten thousand refugees who stop this sipped. Thousands of nigel's were rapidly. Thundering from toluca had superior firepower. Why run soya's had run out of bullets and rapidly retreating from the abandoned warfront. One of the secrets of the nigerian civil war. Was this much. Twenty nineteen sixty eight the biafran abby us deficient thousand refugees in nature as human shoes you fleeing the guy francois guess fleeing from anita had apple time to evoke with those refugees. The government's use those fifteen thousand refugees indigents as human shoes government capitalize on the southern dutt's of refugees. I'll turn them. As proof of the genocide against eagles. Six months area we are for at six seaweeds road on dot address was next to abuse the primary school. That school was closed on combatant as a military as military barrack of one thousand. Yeah through guess. Did you very najim. Ami 'cause that got from barack i by extension our homes that are next to the next to that barrack to beat the other literate target number one and in and in the early morning of october twelfth nineteen sixty seven as all i fleeing along wilkinson wrote on. Hr carrying it happened in the palm of my head after fleeing with my mother on submits athlete towards would be that was several miles away. As i turned right into to also giddy. I looked to my left to us metropoli college. And so what's seemed to be a house to house combat. I saw a biafran solder crumbled. Chew.

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