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Colburn says an app on your smartphone will do all the hard work there's kind of a fourteen day rolling record of who you've been here based on the proximity of your phone to other people's files and then if anybody that you were in contact with reported that they are infected and you would get exposure notice on your phone call burns has to participate in the contact tracing you'll have to opt in he says any app that claims it can contact trace now is probably a scam Deborah Dale KTAR news Katie a our eyes on education it is been two weeks since the Arizona department of education released guidelines for schools to re open we ask the public schools chief if anything is changed superintendent of public instruction Kathy Hoffman tells me no changes have been made schools are now using the guidelines to come up with a plan to re open and I would encourage everyone as a part of all of our communities to be doing everything we can collectively to flatten the curve she's concerned about the increasing number of covert nineteen cases and stresses we all need to do our part to slow the spread of this disease over the next few weeks because if we continue on this path and it will be very difficult for our schools at least for the buildings to be opened to have that in person instruction result as a teen okay T. A. R. news Katie a our eyes on parenting a new A. S. U. study finds is more kids are going without back scenes in Arizona herd immunity is decreasing statewide that's one of people are vaccinated the disease can't spread very well we found that the number of public schools without her community grew by ninety percent so nearly doubling between twenty fifteen and twenty eighteen recent issue grad puja Songa worked on the study which also finds the rate of parents opting out of vaccines for their kids is increasing across the socioeconomic spectrum the tiny communities of Punkin center in Tahoe basin northeast of the valley are being evacuated because of the more than thirty seven thousand acre brush fire east.

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