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And establish a minimum participation period for workers to qualify for monthly benefits now and i my appeal yet lump sound sounds really cool so brian wanna take a guess at what the average lump sum payout was back then five thousand dollars you wish about fifty eight dollars than thick sent fell that's roughly one thousand fourteen dollars in today's dollars congratulations for work in your whole life right uh how i mean that's a it's it's just amazing so for all of us who are complaining that social security is in pain and off at and has gotten better that's true i writing we have done on the line don good morning welcome to smart money good morning how are you this morning good god i understand you have a question about those security yet uh what i am amnon retiree from federal service are retired two thousand twelve he heard and part of retirement they go on full alert under prefers and if procument about twenty percent of that what they calculated on the route after car retired that you would have free from here around sixty percent of your total immunity from so here what happened is they made a mistake and didn't figure mari annuity properly and what i do which backtrack and go back get it it which is what knew it would fan of two of my left ernie which was two thousand eleven you have any idea how at go fat getting close purity i so i challenge it with opium you know i i don't know one hundred percent for sure off the top of my had to get that value of the anyway that is a very specific question can you actually give us a call in office during the week and i will research that for you and kitchen answer that would be great i follow up question and it's about feet earning cap where are finally come under now that i made the minimum retirement age because that was forced to retire at fifty one and fifty are now subject what.

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