Cleveland, Detroit, SOX discussed on GSMC Baseball Podcast


Cleveland should run away with that pretty easily they can beat up on those teams like troy and kind of wrap up that prep thatta division pretty easily to start off i mean you got detroit and the white sox they're not looking at good so nobody really is going to battle with the cleveland who's they have some depth this used but they should they have the pitching rotation down the guy corey kluber the clue bhatt the ageless wonder he's that guy has some of the best pitching mechanics ever seen and obviously some good good hitters with kipness and michael brantley in that lineup throughout the lineup obviously francis indoor one of the better shortstops i think it's gonna be between him and if i was gonna say special or stop in the league between him korea and cory seager because those guys not only can they pick it they can hit they got great swings of course from left side those guys on the right side but they all can hit the ball far and at the ball for so long and they're young guys so i mean they're going to be here for a long time and it's great to see the the is in good hands with those young superstars because they're they're pretty fun to watch so that's the west i mean that's essential the the indians cleveland indians looking like they're going to run away with the central in the east that's where it gets interesting al east i talked about a little bit with jesse over on the gmc sports podcast how it's going to be a battle for first place with the red sox in the talked about a little bit i think in the beginning of the show here today the fact that the yankees and the red sox play those guys in the bottom of their division of toronto blue jays the tampa bay rays and the baltimore orioles more often than they play the other teams obviously so they can try and wrecked up those winds then when they play it's the fact of whoever wins that season series i think between the red sox and the keys is going to win the division because.

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