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Toll 130 sound founded at fell nine sixty nine that congestion still back to blue bluff road i'm melinda brand with thousands on time traps dot com jeff ward and ed clements afternoons three to seven on news radio kkob j five ninety eight am and ninety nine point seven fm well it's pretty safe to assume that jeff has killed the show why talk passionate wind talk and then what really does it the only thing that would might that might be more of a show killer with me me going off on economics the three things i care about and then that's it sleep wine red wine only i can i don't i've people who really know wind say you gotta try this wide you've got a knock you know no no no red wine why fishing and then economics in open ticket order all three together is good enough so i did it i killed a kill the show the callers total sincerity wanted to talk about these cool things and we kill the show so that's it is our white a mixed wine and fly fishing yeah actually there here's it's been done is not all bad sitting on the next sitting next to a stream okay i'm gonna do it's a lawyer does his heartbreak so the thing is like i'm learning with a lot of help how to be a student right you know for a long time in your life you drink a drink and i guess it may be an age thing and maybe a stress thing and may in a one effort but in a bit people like this with whiskies of at people like this with with beer i mean you be like this with anything you start to learn to study and then how to learn more and then you become more interested and i found like all these different ways whether to apps or these he'll good books that are not just a beat down on how to learn to taste wine and find good wine it's actually fairly simple and helpful and it always says an after via beat them because i'm not the most patient person so i need to get it added alerted pretty quickly and i think i think learning winds trying to try to learn wines of say that is really like an exercise and patience it sort of like to therapy a gift from fly fishing or running it's like.

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