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Yes law the reaction to the announcement there were going on satellite great reaction ryan rose tweets satellite give yourself a tom rome best freaking news since the simulcast i can do that but that's out sloppy a decal on my mic accept nine of your watch on tv that there is no decals james malang drives between san antonio and el paso every year will finally have the jungle thank you steve from essay formerly from ep steven essay i can't believe that like a longtime guy like steven essay found something new about the show which is good again if you have a station and you normally listen to that station that's awesome what this is four is for people who no longer have that station or people who can't find the program or people who were on vacation or people have long road trip it's exactly what is four rome so you're not bringing back the huge facts of the day crowley and buffalo no i am not other reaction carry lamy is in carry tweets finally at jim rome hits at siriusxm tomorrow awesome for when i'm on the road and i can't watch at cbs sports net tune in so carry as in also jonathan wolf at jim rome on serious axiom yes hell yes scan sound good nate wolf is in jimbo's congrats on the true moved to space wars satellite radio one more tweet brian rose give yourself a tongue rome best freaky news is the sam aghast and sounds swimmer i feel like a rebel one already elected so much i read it twice actually the fact is a want to give myself another tong or i so that is the breaking news very good news and we've only me try and do that for about a decade now and once again it's not just our show it's.

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