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You'd probably already have the needles sticking out of your arm. Which reminds me. i'll say it again. Please networks you. Don't have to show. Somebody getting jabbed with a needle every time he talked about the freaking vaccine in different b-roll. It's making me crazy. Computer generated images of what Virus in a vaccine. Look like this is. This is the protein. This is the thing you can do any sort of thing other than like an overhand stab into somebody's right. I wondered that could actually have an effect on the number of people who get the the the get vaccinated. They've just seen the jabeen so many times on tv. Well it's either gonna completely weird out or completely desensitized you to it. I suppose yeah. That was my experience I i had a needle phobia for most of my life. And then i got a health situation where i had to get so many needles stuck in me so often. I'm completely over it. Wow how politely over it through. What do they call that. Immersion therapy or whatever. Immersion immersion theorist you got iraq and a phobia. You lock in a box of the bunch of spider. He's that come out. You got no fear of spiders. No you need new underwear at box. Ought to be hosed out. That's controversial treatment. There were fun me. It actually did put in a box full of spiders. No the being being being horrified by needles enough to where it was like. Okay whatever. Yeah yeah the boxers spiders work. Oh boy. That is so gross. A frequent correspondent turlock homes. Has a theory wants to share with us. He has been in northeast china for the past year. Oh wow he says like you. I was baffled. Excuse me at how china pulled the how they contain. The outbreak had to steal quote for my somewhat more recognizable cousins. Sherlock the following quote once you eliminate the impossible whatever remains no matter how improbable must be the truth or author conan. Doyle wrote that. That's actually that's not true. Once you eliminate the possible you have the field of explanations that may be the truth..

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