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Y'All really fucking. y'All I'M GONNA I'M GONNA. Get Him on chat show. So, listen. I. Mike Dean. How did he enter? Into the conversation because. So Mike Dean was a engineer. Okay okay, but my team played for Selena. `Wow okay my name was. My team was a keyboard player. A saxophone player some shipper, Selena. Listen. Like Mike Deane is a bad Ma plus he's called. You ever heard intro to Jesse James Yes. Our Dina Bama fucker straight up We would bring Shit to the studio. In started making you know making making songs, whatever and my name plan on this year. And he's a masterful mix. He's a for those for those that don't know right now I'm Mike. Deane is really getting moment in the Sun. As Connie as Travis Scott. The kids everything he did a pen to write. Did, he do pan well, he did someone designers record. Okay, okay. Its. Name it like from changed. Yeah, now he's. Hopping more now, but I didn't realize that he. Worked, on, your first. So I won't as you about the rap a lot production squad so in Joe Beato Auto. What was the deal with those cats? How involved with you in that getting me right? I'm saying you. Credit fucking credit. I read, trust me, okay. How does what was it like? Would you collaborate with them I think that Joe has his own style and Sodas Beato. We forgot about tone talk Apollo. fucking to. My. I've started production deal I started their production movement off. You know what I mean like a from from I've seen a man died to my mind plan. I did my mind playing tricks by I. Did my whole First Solo album myself? I. Did all of those except maybe like Born killer and I didn't do money in the power and I didn't do. He's dead. On. That was the thank you Simon did that, but I did the rest of that ship. Okay all right Listening to. The ninety six GETO boys album to death. Do US part part. Yeah, redecorated out, probably did. All that shit about women Tucson's to. Putting together that. Production team, just everybody collaborating and making great music. Great Music. You know everybody's got to want to jam. You know everybody's got to have an input. It can't be fucking Egos. You know what I mean like I don't have an ego. Like, let's just let's just Cham- SPEC the best. Record that we can make. And, then we'll argue about who did the best. When is over with? Without the will at the other side, I'm jumping around so. The diary. What made you take? Ninety? Nine left balloons. Yes, for going down. Drugs. Makes tables. I love if I all. The first or we all my uncle play the bass on their shit's. Telling me on. Eddie is probably the best musician that I've ever heard my life. And I don't like them on the fuck. Do not get along him playing bass on. Favorite join emory leverage him everything. What is full name so we can look them up Eddie Wilson. He's a bad motherfucker. He bad like Princeton. Anything! Heaping plate chairs and jam. But, he blind. He's he's a fucking asshole. Michael? Blonde man. To. Me So. Leave it at that. The best collaborations are. You know what I mean. He's fucking awesome. He's awesome. Amir remember that that show. This is your life where they would bring on different people from your pass. Yes, like he should be a contest. We just. Keep bringing on all the people you hate. Sure. Can ever. Fly Yeah. We'll bring you, Bro. So. At least with the diary. Did you feel like that was your? Valentine's Day what happened with the between a diary end the the The world is yours okay, so. The world is yours smoking regular dirt,.

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