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These. Google Well guys I guess. I didn't write it down. But I know it. This is the episode where Pennzoil and cure and Catalina unvarying are all trapped in the little thing and so they have a lot of funny moments together. I remember yeah I liked all the SAS. That care was giving. Yeah Dwayne like he was a funny guy steal anything again. If you if you remember what Rapunzel said definitely tweet us like woop is just something backward or doom is just. I duNNo. It was something really funny and positive like stupidly positive. It was very memorable it is. It's been a while this aired in October of last year. Yeah so. They're the animals after that the tenth episode. Be Very Afraid. I think wait was this. This was not the midseason this. Oh okay this was the one where the this is a weird one. Where CASSANDRA had like the new strain of rocks made people see their worst fear. Awesome Song you know better. You'll Bergara out of his big solo in this episode Not My favorite song. But I love the little Animated shows animated but this was a particularly animated song with everyone seeing their fears. And everything I I don't know I don't remember. This'll be particularly one of my favorites and like the rocks. Never come back and get cat here on every now and dump it on me after lots of Catholics. Be Okay after that. Oh We got Pascal Dragon. This one was also pretty crazy Dragons are reeling. I mean we knew mermaids were real so I mean everything is real in Corona. I wonder if as Mermaid called teach. This is a cute one. I mean pal. You remember to sorry when her canned or Hoke foot fell in love with said merv thinking of I wonder if together craziness so pascal meets his baby dragon friend and then the dragon grows up and he has to decide between the his new friend pass. Does he name the Dragon? I Dunno big little big guy right something like that is a wacky episode. I I didn't love it that much but it was kind of fun seeing Pascal Into Dragon. I think Chris like explains parallels between like what was going on the story at the time and just this little like moment that Pascal shared between little bit Guy Himself. There was like some interesting stuff. Going on all So yeah I mean next. Up is the twelfth episode islands apart this was the one where Rapunzel Nujaine get a message from owl. I think this is the first time. Owl comes back. I keep using the show since Cassandra left And he basically tells them that some. Something's going on on the island of the lorgues those wonderful and the captain of the Guard who went to look for Kosan no he went to look for Pun Elliott. He went to look for puzzle when the king was taken over by variant. I think and then he found out about chaos or did he already find out about cussing he was going to cost confronted cast member and then she was like he tried well he he went to look for her and she's like go out for you. Okay I'M GONNA go out on the silent and so he hides on the weird magic island and makes a weird creepy version of casts. This was a coup up so because of how creepy like the little cast was like Rapunzel is convinced she was going to murder someone like they were standing on the edge of the cliff. Remember really throw it was Kinda cool. How creepy it was And it was interesting seeing how the CASTORAMA affected not only Rapunzel by her father who I mean is closer to her than Rapunzel arguably because he's known her longer any raised her really hard for him and it was. It was funny at the end scene. All the different versions of cast fighting and like I think one of talk trash Eugene like oh I thought you two would be broken up by now so that was fun and then this with a long haul then after this. We have the midseason finale. I think maybe not is wait. Cassandra's revenge wasn't that the mid season finale August. She clearly doesn't know I think it probably was. I WANNA say So basically re puzzle feels ready to settle down. And she's back in her normal live. And then Cassandra finally makes it back to corona after all this time and this is when they have their big battle. This is when we get nothing left to lose. I believe it is the midseason trolley. Oh Yeah Yeah and we get the girl who has everything in this episode to okay. Focus Focus said to girl who has everything well when he wears this ring then Have a singing this on the drive. There's like a three hour drive from my school back home and I literally just put on my musical playlist and I was like horse by the end of the jobs. My voice sounds weird. That's why this episode I. The songs were amazing varian and having that do wet was just incredible. I like who? She just handed me something garage. Does anyone else have a cat? Who LIKES TO LAYING CLOSETS? Because it's do people have cats in corona. Have we ever seen a cat? I encourage member the cats and kitties half the series overrun with captain.

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