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Found. There's been. I don't know. How do I talk about it? That's such a good show. But I'm having trouble talking about why it's so good. That makes sense. I mean, I think part of what he's good at is kind of like evolving the show like, yes, that's true. He doesn't makes it very conscious effort to do that to bring mean like bring on new people new people in like new segments and just kind of keep things fresh up new inside joke sort of like jokes Reynolds time, but they don't run forever that they they sort of like loop or he has like inside jokes with a lot of his regular guests. Yeah. There's like a a a lower cannon that builds up. Yeah. For a lot of frequent frequent gifts and the inside jokes are kind of apart. Let's party what's fun about it. As like when you've been listening for a while. You start to like feel like you're like in on the inside jokes of the show, which is always fun because inside jokes are always fun. But like I would say as a point of entry for anyone they do best of shows every year for part of that he hosts polyp Tompkins who's one of my favorite guests. But it's pretty much always playing a character of some kind. Except for the best of where he he just is with Scott, and they go through the top like ten of ten to fifteen episodes and play clips from all of them. And it's really nice as a point of entry especially because like. I think the spirit of the show can not be hard to get into. But like, it's not immediately obvious. What's going on when you're listening to it and like wet during the best he like explains like who's playing what character and? Like sometimes gives some background on where the idea for the character came from because it's really interesting because like some people like Thomas middle ditch who's a an excellent improviser and Ben Schwartz actually both of them. Basically do this thing when they come on where they just like make up a name of silly sounding name and play character based on that. And that's like all they have beforehand, and then there'll be people who like Skains will usually like come up with more of an idea and like kind of build up an idea for their character. And what kind of what they want to do with it beforehand? And then but still take it wherever it goes. They won't be like hard hard fast and stuck on that. So yeah, there's there's a wide range of characters. Sometimes it's like totally fake people's nice people do. What's the word? Impersonations Sunday impressions. Yes. One thing fell head coma. Yellow face, the impressions of famous people. Yes. It has all kinds of like levels of like experience. Yeah. That's the other nice thing about it is like he'll have his guest range in like level of fame from people. You've never heard of to Conan O'Brien, and I've heard of a lot of like smaller shows and stuff from comedy, bang bang, and what people are plugging in like like, a great example of that is the jillion dollar properties, which was on C. So rest in peace. But that was the show that Paul Tompkins started. And then like many all the rest of the cast like Ryan gull, drew Tarver tawny. Newsome? Tim Balts Mendel Mon are like all our world relatively frequent. Comedy bang, bang, especially while the show is going on because they were promoting a lot, and they're all so fucking hilarious. And I still I love that show and hope that season for gets released at some point somewhere because I would watch it. But yeah, you get to get to hear about a lot of different stuff from projects from just like funny people you might not have known before. And also like, you know, someone like Andy Daly who is the kind of actor that like you've definitely seen in something because he's been in a lot of stuff, but you might not like have ever seen him star in anything. He plays a lot of different characters on comedy, bang, bang, and has had several episodes where he plays multiple of them at once, and like is just incredibly talented like true, like truly incredible improviser and. Like, you don't just really improv. It's given me such an appreciation for improv just like as a form of comedy. 'cause I think that people don't get to see it a lot because it's usually for for longtime. It was basically done at live shows because by its nature. It's like exist for that one night. And then it's gone. Yeah. Because it's all improvised. But like, this is a really nice, just like encapsulation. And then it builds on it self over because you like build up this lore with recurring characters. So it's like improv shows can go like crazy places over the course of like one show from just someone saying some Hendra Mark, and they like latch onto that. And then hold onto that for the rest of the show like for the run of the show, the next countries on they have to like reference, those other things and hold on all of this. It's just great. And I like I went to see middle Schwartz Stu there. Two man, improv show in LA. A couple of weeks ago because they were advertising it on comedy, bang bang. And it was great. And I want to try and see more improv shows since I live near LA now. But. It's just good. It's just a good show. It's been around forever. And there's reason it's been so successful. There's a lot of actors and comedians that I feel like there are things. I never would have known that. They could do if it wasn't for comedy, bang bang. Exactly Thomas metal ditch being a great example. Because the first time I really paid attention. But was on Silicon Valley where he plays like pretty straight laced. I mean, he's very funny. But he's not like, you don't get a sense for like how ridiculous. Yes. Yeah. Which is wonderful. He's like he's one of my absolute favorites. Jason Zukas too. Yeah. The only thing I ever knew him from was the league. And he also tends to always play characters like Rafy from the league. He's just like kinda gross and. Yeah. And and weird. I don't know. Why exact I think his voice really fits? Well facial. I don't know. But he's also really really talented improviser and just like very funny person. Yeah. Paul Tompkins to love Paul Tompkins. Then. Describing I feel like I'm more aware of what makes it unique. Which is that really true, improv thread and commitment to it and tons really nice. It's I've never listened to it. It's one of those things I think for me that there's so much of it. I feel like I'm not sure where to jump in totally get the that's why I would highly recommend like the ten hour Soden. Soden? No, that's not a lot of references to like it's just based on like fan favorites. So there's a lot of inside jokes and references to old episodes in that. But I think the best are really good place to start. I think that I would say from like twenty fourteen or twenty fifteen on they really like the best of our the the show in general really picked up for me. I think before that it's not that it's bad before that. But I think there's like still some problematic stuff earlier on the show because it was like two thousand nine and the, you know, like shock common not like shot comedy. What's what I'm looking for is that what it's called? I. It was kind of more of a fad ten years ago. Like they'll say like retarded on ironically and earlier like really early on. And there are some like. But I think that the show has grown a lot from that time. Yeah. And I think especially Scott argument has become a lot more aware of issues like that. Yeah. I think it would be good. Actually, I guess I could save that till the end to recommend other like good episodes that I think are good entry points or exit. Good examples for the show. Yeah. Locates links. Yeah. That'd be helpful for not just me. I'm sure other people find themselves in this position as well. I and next week is the six hundred episode the days that comes out the day after this episode six hundred hours. But usually usually for the hundred they have either it's like Jason Manziel's Nandy daily or they have a just a ton of people on like a whole bunch of guests to a big celebration style. Could just release the ten hour one. Oh, wow. Big and bold. That's what I think of cool great job band. Great. Sometimes a nice, what am I what a fricken nice. What a frigging classic. Oh. And I do want to mention the older episodes are behind pay while you have Stitcher premium to the whole archive, but they do this really cool thing where they have a few episodes that are just like not behind the pay wall that are older federal like fan favorites. Like, all of the episodes of the farts, and procreation episodes are the very famous ones with Adam Scott Harrison, Chelsea Peretti are out from behind the pay wall. And then just like other really popular ones from like really early on all the way through like the five hundred 's are are out, which is nice. Yeah. To do. I think probably another decent place to start. If you're like a little. Secretion Innis will yet just like generally if they're if they're old they're out from behind the pay while they're probably good. Good one. Yeah. For sure. Cool. I was looking at Scott crimines tumbler in laughing at all the pictures. Are you talking? Our Amri me. I know. I know we talked about that really funny. Time anytime there's an article about our something new are doing he retreats. It says are you talking REM, really? They had oh speaking of that podcast. But also they had a a member of REM on the most recent episode. At Mike mills on. I don't like it when they really talk about the band's I like it when they get wildly off topic. They still get while the topic with him. All right, fine. Good episode. He was very he was very a fun. The guy Mike mills the guy the guy, Mike. The voice.

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