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There's I wanted individual concert. You went to that. You were like God that was the best. They all kind of blend together after a while. Sometimes they'd go. And look and like what show was that? And I don't remember after thinking what album came out or if I have the t shirt, maybe I'm like, oh, yeah. That one, but they all like the Rolling Stones. I've seen them like seventeen times though. So believe yeah. It's hard to remember, which one was the best show. I would like to have that problem. What I do the old. Six times I've seen you three times. Yeah. Well, you guys went to like four or five times show. Yeah. Yeah. That's you're so spoiled God. What about a sporting event? I mean, you're going to go to the Super Bowl. I mean, I've seen the Packers of people always say game at Lambeau Field kind of a big deal. But it's just really cold. Yeah. I've never been the lambo that would I did one of those bucket lists last year when Georgia played at Notre Dame. I got to go to. That was very cool Fenway park is a great experience to you. Did you go to Fenway park last year? Yeah. Two years ago. We watched foo fighters there. Oh, you even go to the baseball game. We got there really really early, and I just wandered around. Yeah. You could get to most of the stadium. It was cool. I would love to go watch baseball game there, but I was concert. It's it's a really it's a small stadium. Yes, really small and not only that the seats are really small because you know, this is all uncomfortable turn of the century. When the average American was the size of Alex Williams, we've got twenty five pounds bigger now. Seats are so narrow awful. Yeah. I noticed that Philips arena will marina. They've they've changed the seats. And I think they're smaller. Maybe I just have gained weight. But the seat house seem tighter than it was and they might have done that to get some more seats in. There seemed a little snug on my my bottom. Remember, I usually stand at a show Hong.

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