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To pull procedural levers to get the new stimulus passed without Republican support, if necessary. It involves a budgetary process known as reconciliation. It's been used by both parties in past years. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the $2 trillion legislation is too expensive Republican says Congress has already put forth an historic response to help fight the pandemic. In response, Congress has built the largest Federal response to any crisis since World War two Scientists trying to find out if a combination of covert 19 vaccines might provides a better protection than a shot that was made by just one manufacturer. Xena's medical contributor. Dr Todd Element, explains how it works. You get one vaccine as your initial or prime dose and then the second vaccine is a different one element says they've tried it with other shots, and they've had success. This is promising, then this could really change the face of vaccine shortages. They will start out with AstraZeneca and Fizer and then move on from there. The AstraZeneca vaccine has not yet been approved here in the United States. Cherry Preston ABC News editor, Ed Markey wants to plan for the future. He is calling for a billion dollar investment in a universal Corona virus vaccine. It would go toward the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, he says Covert 19 will not be the last bio threat we face and nose. There have been three global Novell Corona virus outbreaks over the past 18 years. Push at the State House to get old marijuana convictions thrown out Now that marijuana is legal in this state WBC's Jimmer cases the old cases still could cost him headaches. That's because right now in the Commonwealth, it's awfully hard to have your records expunged from previous marijuana convictions. It's technically possible, but you need the money for court costs, attorney fees and there's also the possibility of may get turned down by a judge. There will be more efforts in this legislative session on Beacon Hill to have legislation that would fast track the process. Previous efforts have failed. No other legal pot states have run into similar problems and also pushback from law enforcement. In fact, last fall, Colorado's governor, Jared Pulis, part in 2700, marijuana convictions of marijuana possession with an executive order. Advocates in Massachusetts are drawing up ideas right now. Jim McKay WBZ Boston's NewsRadio Quincy man's being held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing after being arraigned today on charges that include kidnapping and assault and battery. Matthew McAuliffe allegedly held a woman identified as his girlfriend against her will and assaulted her police were called to your residence yesterday following a 911 call. Police are crediting neighbors for contacting them and providing information, allowing them to quickly locate the victim. One of two California teens charged with killing a police officer in Rome fights to have his case dismissed Gabriel No Telly. Horace told a court here that two undercover officers did not show their badges when they approached him. Unfriend Finnegan Lee elder in the summer of 2019, the two then teens were trying to get their money back after a local drug dealer ripped him off. The officers have been alerted and showed up in plain clothes in the scuffle that ensued. Elder stabbed to death Officer Mario Chad, Chad Lowe, Dega. Both the Americans are facing a life sentence for the stabbing death because under Italian law, anyone who participates indirectly in a murder can face homicide charges. Meghan Williams ABC NEWS Rome Before the pathetic firefighters used to go into schools and teach about fire safety..

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