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Under the union soldiers Tanaka under the union soldiers hundreds of thousands of whom were white indict this is why this identity politics is so poisonous reconstruction was a disaster because of Lincoln's assassination and because you listen says grant strongly believed in reconstruction in the first term he was moving strongly towards that but the second term Democrats win the house of representatives and blocked everything yeah I talked about it's not just water Williams it Shelby Steele it's Bob Woodson none of whom are white they talk about what's going in going in these poor inner city mostly minority communities today it is horrific in some of these neighborhoods well there's almost no white people like Greg Popovich doesn't live there Stephan Carey doesn't live there Max it's common doesn't live there we should address the problems that exist that are going on right now well Gregg Popovich should say in his video nobody gives a damn but I'm just pointing out look how quickly local state and federal law enforcement got on top of this case and indicted this man within seventy two hours I've never seen anything like it you know the original charge of third degree murder has been moved to second degree murder and I hear the loud noise going on should be first degree first degree really we got to prove it and the problem with first degree is premeditated but even not a premeditated like you're plotting and planning ahead of time ahead of the actual confrontation the reason why he fax is not going to bring first degree is he's afraid he'll lose it and then all hell will break loose but even if he's convicted of second degree murder whole never see the light of day again period none of them will what let's listen to the NFL commissioner is an enormously wealthy man who lives in a white neighborhood who was born to privilege now he's seen the light go ahead it is been a difficult time for our country in particular I people in our country first my condolences families George fluid Riana Taylor Motter every you know least moving dirt please tell me read the National Football League well I worked at Aubrey was that police brutality and I think the cops were involved I could be wrong but I don't think so anyway go ahead it was an accident how long can I don't all right I don't think it was anyway go ahead we National Football League condemn racism in the systematic oppression of black people are let's stop anybody out there not condemn racism then you should be listening to the show if you know but the systematic oppression of black people as I would he said Mister producer this systematic oppression of black people there's no systematic oppression of many people in this country you know you have absolute mobility in this country you can come in you can leave you can move from state to state city to city where is the systematic oppression black people how many people and he's just figured this out by the way he never thought this way before thought happened it was all washed up and all that now it's all of a sudden he sees there's another this guy is a corporate Laurie's been with the NFL forever his Daddy was a United States senator he is not considered a fairly intelligent not by me but by others and all of a sudden he's been commissioner I don't know how long it's been the general counsel the NFL he's lived a life is the son of a senator all of a sudden he sees the oppression of the black community he didn't see it last week he did say it a month ago he didn't see it last year he didn't see what happened it was the it was taking the knee now he sees it I'm believable go ahead with the National Football League it meant we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out why are you listening to NFL players once you get off your fat **** and going to these communities and see what's going on get down you don't need interpreters by multi millionaires in the NBA or the NFL or Hollywood or anything else if you were serious about this I have been listening you know to our players how bout you listen to the people in the community how about you go and talk to the people whose little businesses were burned down with the people are scared to death to come out at night why don't you go talk to those people Mr commissioner well there's nothing in it for that's why he's trying to tamp down the players go ahead read the National Football League let me ask you about we the National Football League do you know who leased house leaders Mr commissioner you know she is she's the lady all over the internet who store she's a partner in a little store little deli that was burned down and losing not you go talk to her rather than the bar lebron James and see what she has to say go ahead leave was founded on and has a history of strident anti semitism but everybody wants to stand a black lives matter in other words you can't even say I want to stand with the black community that there is no pressure no black people but even more I got a standup lack lives man which is a stridently anti semitic organization one of its founders wise well I have to do is go on the internet a lot you could see that synagogues were desecrated as word kosher restaurants yeah on the west.

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