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The european best case okay i believe that's what i'll be back about one of the most once butts in kambia nuts and all that migrant as you save big man i wore uh that would that is what that was your hair all year like what is amazing about it is everybody's hurting everybody went out everybody's leinen a you can't play you had to be in his own brother your story look if you're not gonna play you can do is regale us with the story lifts let us they know now and played hard against the lakers the night before the parade can just going to take it can catch my legs sure russia i need the runup running you know what i need i need like an oral history of jimmy butler knight graham where he didn't useroriented biaro okay who who it was a judge accused the judge rv law import cells of part of his began opened the obvious where clipper news marcellus saw here we go clipper news winning basketball who sort of whoa dang or they still they're still inside the line readying just outside angry account that means we in play one half again we once we play that game winner rather while you need you need win the pelicans at a half a game on you at this point so our piece of the la times and some details about the arena that the clippers one of bildman inglewood i'm out every talk the river the building in inglewood would include a practice facility sports medicine clinic team offices retail space in a large outdoor plaza with basketball courts that are open to the public details i'm reading from the la times zero including to notice the preparation of a draft environmental impact reports citybus so on and so forth.

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