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Auction this weekend. I'm Brad Siegel. For the Yankees have had some rough spots this season, but right now in late September, this is definitely not a rough spot. They are in a kind of a hot streak right now. They've won 6 straight, including a 7 5 win Saturday over the Red Sox. That means they've won ten of their last 12 and they've reduced their magic number to win the American League east down to three games. Aaron judge did not hit a home run on Saturday. He's gone four straight games without a dinger, but the Yankees did get three home runs besides him on Saturday. So they'll wrap the series against the Red Sox on Sunday and then head to Toronto. Things not so good for the mets. They were losers in Oakland ten to four Jacob de Grom has been very steady most of this season, but he got bounced around and only went four innings. He falls to 5 and three on the year and things not great for the mets and also how about the Atlanta Braves. They're in Philadelphia and they double up on the Phillies and win 6 to three Kyle Wright is the first pitcher in Major League Baseball this year to get to 20 wins. The lead for the mets right now is only a game and a half, so things still a little bit dicey for the mets as they come down the stretch. Let's flip to football NFL tomorrow. It's the jets back home after that rally win in Cleveland last Sunday. They'll welcome the Bengals 1 o'clock kick-off Cincinnati of course looking for their first victory after losses in weeks one and two. Giants don't play till Monday night. They'll start their NFC east rivalry with the cowboys this year and they had that game kicking off at 8 15. The cowboys were winners last week with Cooper rush at quarterback. That's your Bloomberg sports update. I'm Dan gatell ski. Welcome to Bloomberg opinion. I'm Bonnie Quinn. This week. The odds are two and three will

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