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Ks t. Rancho Cordova Sacramento New, York governor Andrew Cuomo is filing the, lawsuit against President Trump and the. Federal government for failing to provide. Proper assistance to Puerto Rico after hurricane. Maria Governor Cuomo says after hurricane Maria Puerto Rico got less aid and relief then Texas and, Florida Basically abandoned figures released last week showed, the, death toll in Puerto Rico from the hurricane was nearly three thousand Monica Nelson NBC News Radio California lawmakers are sending a Bill to governor Jerry Brown that would require California based public companies to have at. Least one woman on their boards by the end of two thousand nineteen or face a fine a study from Price Waterhouse Coopers finds that, most companies in the s. and p. five. Hundred have at least one woman on the board but just a quarter have two or. More the world's nations are missing, the Mark set by the two thousand fifteen Paris climate agreement a u. n. officials said Sunday that, governments are falling short of the goal of keeping global temperature rise cap at two degree celsius by the end of the twenty first. Century US convention and climate change chief Patricia Espinosa said urgency is required to avoid catastrophic events the Trump administration announced last year that the US. Is pulling out of the agreement a departure which. Takes effect in, late twenty, nineteen, at bureau earliest tight security today for. New York's juvenile celebrate The. NYPD has thirteen entry points that will dot the two mile route of the festival mayor Bill de Blasio says the beefed up security is, in place to make sure everyone has a. Good time the celebration has always belonged to the people it has always been a positive. Expression of the people this year, as last year that you've as celebration signals the start of carnival the NYPD says the uptick insecurity, is in response to some violent incidents that took place last year and the unofficial end of summer is here travel expert Janine Tournant. Or says New York City Chicago Orlando Atlanta Seattle are the top destinations but she adds that airfare to these cities is down eleven percent as. Compared to twenty seventeen Richard Jordan NBC News Radio The top and bottom of every hour on. Air and online GST dot com now traffic from the, citadel roofing and solar traffic. Center please you right now northbound I five Richards boulevard we have some crews doing some. Roadwork. Some full slab replacement, it's all related to that pothole issue we had last week right now traffic is. Backed up all the way to peace straight. On northbound I five getting through downtown tuned to traffic every ten minutes on NewsRadio k. if PK ninety three. Point one FM I'm, Brian Noble's.

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