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Until they can be reviewed for national security purposes every weekday morning at eight thirty five am twelve thirty five pm and 635 on your home washington watchdog jamie dupree leads own team coverage as we go down on what's happening in washington dipped updates that impact juices where orlando turns first for the latest developments in the trump white house news ninety six fine double d than talking with niger of that the gone through dennis black inventor of texas superfood on newsmakers today so i wanted to take some time here to get a little bit in depth why did you invent texas superfood while the truth of the matter is i was really very sick i had been diagnosed with stage for kidney cancer sure it had already sprinted lymphatic system and the doctors inform me that chemotherapy and radiation just weren't an option i was told that i had just months to live as you might imagine that was a very frightening time in my life i spent a lot of time and prayer and deep thought and then one day i reflected on the words of my grandmother she said you are way you eat so eat what god made for you there's power in your fruits and vegetables and it was those words that really started me on a pass to heal my on cancer and by god's grace i've been cancerfree now for over thirty years and honestly i can't remember when i ever felt better so are you saying the texas superfood will cure illness disease and cancer i am absolutely not saying that okay what i am saying is that eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of vine ripened.

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