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The same shape even. And so we got closer. Wait, so the company that you use like you send them a picture and then the kind of and they match you with an artist who makes an oil painting. And then you give notes? You can give notes. That's incredible. You can pick background color. You can do a lot of stuff. How long is the process? Like about three weeks? Wow, that's amazing. It's odd to me because it feels like whoever painted it. It's obviously a decent painter. At least better than someone who would paint glasses of one circle one square. Well, it feels like a real rudimentary mistake. It in my initial no, I do think I said something also that was like have fun. And I did also I asked for I was like, if you want to make the background like the city where you're from, I really invite you to do that. And that wasn't that offer wasn't taken up. Obviously. Well, for privacy reasons, I'm sure. Oh, okay, here's the picture also that was the reference image. I found it. Oh, are you going to send it to me? I'm going to send it to you in the chat. Can we, when this eventually, this episode comes out? Can we put it on the Instagram? Absolutely. Absolutely. People don't know. This photo is so this is sort of. This is a far different thing than what the painting ended up here. Really is crazy. And I wanted the hands, you know, I wanted this, but he made his own artistic choices. Right. It is what it is, but he well, he may not be able to paint one of these photos, arms are kind of at an angle and maybe he hasn't mastered that part of painting yet. Yeah, it's very specific code. But in these photos, you do not look like a middle aged woman, and you look like a cute little girl. Yeah. And you're even your suit coat looks kind of appropriately sized. In the painting, it is clear that it's your father's jacket. So that's an interesting the artist had that insight. Kind of exaggerate the suit and give you some nice broad shoulders. Anyway, neck really small and sort of, yeah, but anyway, that's what I got you. No, in this other photo, I'm seeing like a white wig somebody's wearing. Do you recall? That was my friend. Whose name is Leanne? She was my best friend at the time. Then the next year she moved to the cape. Oh. It's her family. And we would play video games online with each other. Oh. And then that sort of stopped. And what was she dressed as? She was dressed, I think as Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein. These are two Jefferson. When you get a white wig on, you can be about 60% of people from a history book. You can be albright side, or you could be Thomas Jefferson. I don't make the rules. You can be any sort of wizard, whatever you like. Well, have you ordered a painting like this before for yourself? This was my first time, and I felt moved to have that be, you know, lost to you, I guess I would say. Toe in the water for you. I feel like now you're going to become addicted to it. It is a really funny present. It's an extremely funny present. That's amazing oil painting. Of you as a child. I've got to get this frame. It's wonderful. Yeah, I have options to get a frame but it would have taken longer. Right. The same artist had to build the frame, and then you would have had to know that all notes giving process. And we all know how well he responds to notes. So you two are no longer on speaking terms, creative differences. How do you feel my best friend after you? This is incredible. What should I do with it? Should I put it in my office? Should I hang it in my home? I think however you feel comfortable, whatever feel comfortable with. Well, look, I think it's put it in your bedroom or whatever. It's fine with me. That's fine with me. So wherever you want to put it in. Yeah, when someone gives you a photo of themselves, I feel like you need their permission where to hang on your home. You come over for one of my outrageous parties that I'm so famous for holding. And then suddenly you're painting hanging in the bathroom, things get a little uncomfortable. People have questions, for sure. I think don't put it in the bathroom. Okay. Unless then your bathroom becomes a space where you hang jokes and don't forget to be in the bathroom like that before. I have. And it was a fun nice bathroom. But you know, I think as long as it isn't rolled up in a closet, 'cause I will be coming over to your house. I'm gonna get it framed. I've finally gained the strength in the last literally week to put things in frames and hang them. It was a big step for me. It is a huge step. And then you're like, well, now my House is officially at home. And I also can't move because it took so much effort saying this. After framing it, I mean, including the effort that I took to frame it, right. So once that's hung up, I'm just, I guess I'm here permanently. And what can you say about that? But yeah, I mean, you have other gag gifts from jobs or Friends and the office above the fireplace. If you have a door, a door, a closet door for coach. You can put it inside the closet door for codes. To hang a picture in a closet. That feels like a real end. I actually had a poster that I hung in the closet, but it wasn't like it gave me joy. What was the poster? The poster was a gift, my friend gave me for my birthday. That was a poster that she made that was a photo of Michael Peña. And it said, the hardest working man in showbiz. That's great. You might be. Because we really were like, wait is he the hardest working man in showbiz? And that was a gift that she gave me one year for my birthday and I was like, this is so touching. Every time I open my closet, I'll remember. Are you a big gift giving person? I do like to get gifts. Yeah. Do you have any memorable gifts you can think of that you've given? I got my most recently, somebody to come and clean the house. Oh, that's an incredible gift. You hate cleaning the house. And so I got you a buddy to do this for you. Oh, that's amazing. I mean, I think even for someone who doesn't mind cleaning our House, it's just a nice, yeah. And I got an hour of that time be to help organize stuff. Beautiful. That's very thoughtful. Considering how cruel your mother's been to you. Well, okay. So all the pieces are on the table. Let's play chess. All the pieces are out. Oh, that's a great. I need to put that in my repertoire. I'm sending somebody to clean someone's house. Also, when somebody is hired to clean a house, they just do a better job. Yes, yes. They will always do a better job than you ever could. Right. Look, we gotta play a game. Bridger? I told you the pieces are out. The pieces are out. It's time to I think today we haven't played this game in a while. It's called gift or a curse or actually I want to give you I feel like I should give the guest the option. That's nice. Only nice enough. We can play a game called gift or a curse or a game called gift master. Oh. I obviously give master has such a evocative title. Right..

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