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Relishes seattle. Joined in Seattle. I'm awash. Jinjiang woman jumped on Schindler's may should I. Well, million dollar your homies chevelle. We had a little bottom twenty hundred host Utah woman. I don't ya. Don't fade Jim by. The only way you're sharing your need chica- found. Jay. You ever what's trumps will finish without you've eight how she. Louis. Jinja shove, I will consider or Hong y you always you shall we? Cooperation vado. This do what's called the which asshole. No chaban. Television MacAulay idea reading articles articles was essentially. Giga? You. Yeah. The kosher. Yeah. Would you? Oh, interesting. You. You ain't tripping. But yeah, we other actress and. Yeah. Tool. Leading the Indian here. Seattle mincing John Young Sandra, Sandra who could Rudo corridor. By the equal your your your trooping. Wait. Got you. The warhol. Yes. You the I. What you call? I'm not. Manson, John John. Electrical feet. Torture. Your shot with with Allah. Shuttle. Thank you for your. The Dow on your. To. Sure. TWA Andreotti until what Tony not user Cuomo Cuomo columns now. You go. Who knows? I offended acquired. They don't. Luke how much? Oh god. Yeah. Meal. Meanwhile, call Yanna. A new book after you you. Like holiday. Yeah. Walk. All of y'all phony party finally route. What will the Mitchell? Now, you're. Borrego Hoffa yada cell phone. Not your call. Yup. Yup. By Jaza hope for the future. Grew to go for sure. To you. Y'all to qualify. Now. Eagles town hall. So you get the fuck. You mean? Chuka thoughts continue to obey visual. Yeah. Yadav Koga Yoshida, Emma. Chiba Chiba back. You know for sure contradict the young. Your income meet with gun. Got new you. Do you wanna go? The only thing. Just how much your watch what Don barcode early show called thunder. What sort of mail during the? She sure Kim Jones. You Hashem bullshit near joie. Sherri, sherri? You're what Asia? Puts it this way you down and they'll show mentor. That's hard to puts it away somehow go this way woman geology. Hung Nazi-era children's. But. Oh shit. Y'all y'all. Your shout. Now. John them. The plot will hammer. Kilowatt hamas. Jeddah Jaza touch. Colorful hotel. Yells at the moment. Qadagha yanna. In the whole, holy me to call you back to this issue. For new Berlin colored paschel actual tree. Seattle. Context. Eight hundred. Hi, sweetie. Donovan you cut your tree Russia. The rule. Your call. Mcaulifee entitled short shelf. My call on her daughter of north official social under Donald Russia, though. Gung? Call it a young congressional would a high tide and your show. What you say on the go. T dot ORG. Bilberry, finishes, dick, apparently the whole. Better down your coal. That's the jails your Asiago northern about sharia, ULA. Another chicago. Really? Sonko don't should as a badge on his condition. Joe pension of eight. And how Dr. Recall that got your whole John John Lewis Ochoa interchanging shots. Sheila jay. Rotate. At the harbor. Let me talk to Sean Trevor need to Colorado. Hong boss or. Yoli let it on some Hans. Yeah. So you're not with how many times I'm going to go woman collection. What? Tuck Colorado, John Harwood on anti-short resolve that. John. Oh. All of the. House actress by three other manager yada, helping them to this. Yeah. Tunnel. Trae by. Yup. Bye. Bye. Donald gone. You. Yup. Denia you quit. Country. You don't they? Performing. By thereto, Nicole, rotary Java, Yala thereto. Donald. He shot up. She lebanon. Just all you. Call y'all. Quad. He what Humphry now. Not at home. Oh, man. You'll notice at home. Each year. I'm sorry. Tabby? I tell you beat up my. Beat up by. She on the train back on your phone. Fundraiser shitty. India? Authroity? The Sean Kelly. The hot yada. The astronauts. Donald about yada took Woody Al from Sony Bill. Treat all before. Ame Guay bureau a shot. Sent here here. Let me going. Thanks for the cartoon me. Kayla. So your phone call. Call. Sure Tetra cars. Of course, you that an agenda. I took a radical. Challenge. We all on. Yeah. Two offer forty nine. Yeah. The. Does your watch. Tocado? Sherri hundred. Should've she she you guys. Sure show. There are not general not quite how shot Joe. Jahanara John chancellor do. Injure shell Fontham them. At until after. Warhol? What are you on yet? Another just call. I gotta. Cultural. Jolla, y'all got only meals mobile here. Other Sherry travel. You hold a copay. Doc was telling the Hideto darnold urogenital hundred. Eight hundred twenty. What's yours? Kyle need your Jaeger you'll either so. So what else wholesale you from? This guy. What maria. Colosseum element. John now. Jochen announced Fijian's on by JJ. Kyle. Kyle union. Not just you're not. Well, not y'all know. Yeah. The culture what hunt? Kelly. Rural ULA either. Daughter. So Carnegie HANA ten pm on equal the butcher. To good anyone. Do you? Not much. Sure. How about your ninja type role Fogo showdown Ulama? The wound. Anatolia? A tho Quantico ULA. Donald John Kennedy backwards. He'll. Taliban. I'm not. Some shoot up yet. Up here. Central? Yelling at all. NFL solo yacht for the default that are central. That we thought she you. Gotta tell you that police requirement in the league. The ninety Kim nearly sharia they'll run you Ronnie. Hong laura. Would he would cease? Endorsed sam. Yards. Hotel. The leaders had this time. So it's. Sure. Yeah. Alisher shelties. Asia. Trevor. Shiver to the talk show now lesion war pressure, you push her canola hawker should of toys. Gone through a song whore down. The usual wards or woman nowadays. Oh. Odds journal missile via tweet. Here's your. Madania woman. Tongo JCD me. Yeah. A hundred dollars. She might national own dribble. My Cherie Australia's attention, ashtrays. Jay. Two hundred dollars. Your daughter women's I wanna know one this year that will put you in jail. Kucher tweedy to what else you don't buy job analogy. Sure. A house. Here's treasure during. It's the treasure hot cocoa. So that that for me. Women's over a little here. John. Not not not for that out there. The Dow now my tweet, I you don't over the Dow Jones yada, yada. Some. Not much. Cogliano your we? Yup. Here. Sharon. Vow eukaryotes outta each. Calzado, you know, traveler. Doc, we'd see about your sugar, which probably you either. John's change. Mayor. I don't know Amancio now leisure. Leisure. Yup. Called johan. John Travolta beginning. Liana tuna, though one yada cheap. Cheetham lunch. Golden helmet. On the role. Yano cultural social. Yup. The peanut soup. That wasn't a criteria canal Yoshiko. Do you wanna holy here? Sweden. Whitlow? This way, you're gone woman. Tell honda. Yup. Yeah. Eight hundred you'll be all about. The woman Galatasaray attention to the function. Yup. Dollar Johore on. Diabolique? Did you? John. So, you know, Jaeger. Yup. Trevor. They don't alcohol traditional type hero, y'all. How's your? Yup. What you're the two types. The national champion realty up here at European shares. Sharon. Hotter. Would you say your clinician? They go patient. Why would you the male hydrogen? We sit here. What's the choice? Russia. You have heroes. I'm here. Sure. John Hutton gin. Yoda dundar. You're you're. Donovan clinch judge. On your knee days, Maria, della. Ruin each column about. Your. Another challenge you. Leonardo wash about so he got here on the door. So. The Chevanton your call yada yada, yada, matab has not. Doing that Hannah was higher. Natural the guy, you're the fatal. I hope you. Tina? She oh all tied up three four. Appear beetle shot one. Indeed up here. All Yip panda short for your oftentimes the Shaw. Thank fatal. So the topic. The in injury to pay PD belco share any journal Jacob. John. What what you face house? Burn somebody's for your car. Cms? Gentlemen. There are those. Sure. Yeah. I know. Tell it up. John Lewis you. I are somehow metrics. Jay. Michelle how the Taliban. Aw. Gonna sharia Trevor going down. You're going to have. Pates home Shaanxi Anita Chaban ninja word on Chicago. John fong. Assaulted idea that trip? Yeah. Tortoise. Royal while you're here in issue. You pay on the security may at all. But. Oh. Are you on funding? No, not at all. Fun fun legal. Mommy guava. What? Clear your wallet. Here today. Because I'm mcwethy at all. Hartaway, though, what else will? The que- Beijing yard. Yard. You're without. The either wardrobe your washer you got torn put by Johanna water. One hundred and say, well, you Bonjour yard. A lot harder. Hydros? Roger sound woman. Yeltsin has what the Eddie. He didn't have any special holiday. So you're not you're not having gonna share Sherry journey bunch Jato your Chatham Talia, yellow her Hong Chow automobile territory, Yarrow, Hong polyps, hold. You throw it John you Sheila. This your wire he's out. Are they eating to go? Tony work hotel away. Now tremor, Sharon, even though Hegelian was Rozier. Tweeter yours, Richard. Sure. Help you. Shared her daughter daughter Twitter. Hold on. Arakan? Women output. Hold on just Dr year's Alexandra are measured. Yeah. You're you're sure that woman that. You had a major junior year. Shrimp, filament toll more. You know, how you I Ganga quango halting issue Anya chew country one. Kotani in Seattle Indian tied Uganda. Kenya? Seattle chinchilla quick. Are you? I Williams whom I. Belleville Maytham Teton trillion won't way Yeltsin to wake which means into the union. Show. Hi, Kim Jong UN union. Eighteen. Souto Chimi without one. He.

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