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Welcome back to news until thirteen aided Debbie a okay no you know I'm a little our collect on a local level now no by no waste out myself is no a condo sue. fine arts now. but Jo Ellen tell me about our Haitian American brother. bass school yet yeah I get it right. your call media those in the know better than I. join in the rarefied one hundred million dollar plus club. in a salesman punctuated by appear at a gas. from the cool crowd John Michel Basquiat. Powell for nineteen eighty two painting. of a scroll. bottom one hundred. ten point five million dollars as well as several four eight nine two two seven oh three a news and talk thirteen eighty all right hello I'm trying to give you the information that but bush then but that it at Sotheby's they become the six most expensive work ever sold at auction. one hundred and ten point five million dollars. he's now in the same league as Frances bacon Pablo Picasso this number of the two the cell of the painting on title made for a thrilling moment as Sotheby's post war and contemporary options at least four bidders were on the phone. are the painting price cell past sixty million dollar level at which the work force from all stake in spray paint. had been guaranteed to sell by a third party. the buyer was missed the muzzle our. a forty one year old founder of contemporary art foundation last year previous our auction hi for Basque wet you paid fifty three point seven fifty seven point three million dollars who is this do somebody from the odd were called to tell me the artist largest nineteen eighty two painting is a are honored at double a horn double at Christie's. somos Iowa is also found Japan's largest online fashion mall zozo without. Mr Mazar why later told suburb being that he acquired his latest painting by the artist for a planned museum in his hometown of Chiba Japan. one hundred million dollars I in the meantime have a bass wet Viber painting set several records Thursday night for work by any American art is for work by an African American artists and as the first work created since nineteen eighty to make over one hundred million this stuff is not even all. and I will put it up to your home is it now. at a I'm I'm flabbergasted now I think I'm a local artist like that about two three hours that I collect some of the do they'll be doing some P. at station our site because are you still speak to me because of my home I got a lot of it in my home our didn't know by Basque wet. ana but this is historic in it is amazing so while you're out you're not dead but if you look at a little I somebody get out of paying brushing just went crazy really. but our isn't out of the whole one hundred ten million dollars are you serious. I'm just trying to figure out how much is that go to him does get to be a healthy part of that. and so the you got little bam bam and then he just their own pain all over the place you might not want to discourage. you know. because that one hundred and ten million dollars this dude is you know what if you go to the Google the test I need to know how this young man. Basque with. looked like he may be already some media thirty forty eight if that. if we can find his aides that told him bring that information. and but one hundred intimate to it are collectors out here and what we offer you for me with this are. and that we're gonna be doing kind of art show. and you know I got a lot of resort is they're very interesting people to just watch the creativity of. and is it abstract primarily. and this is John Michel Basquiat. eight twenty seven he gave me twenty got to be over the net. the painting basket disbanded in nineteen eighty two. he's what. put his name in there right but but but in the exam by the common by John me shed Bosque wet be a S. Q. U. I. A. T.. John Michelle M. I. C. H. E. L.. if he had a pain in nineteen eighty two to have been thirty five years as well. he said that he did not look for the night. yeah he looks negative for the not so that's about the right age. is one ninety six the fifty nine. I'm fifty of how about fifty three yeah let me go head to give me some crayons isms. it it it it the. I made to the home depot who leave you but some bad Ramey's in campus is did out in that bed at home depot good is the east what did I said is that made a crayon in nose spray paint. one hundred ten million dollars. give me his bio Basquiat is of Haitian descent and African American. and he's commanding it prices. match Pablo Picasso. is the Honda you know I'm a real. and encourage your children and the arts. yeah. if you offer me with these artists call me of let me know who he is one hundred.

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