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Tonight In their special session the Maryland Senate has now given final approval to a new congressional district map amidst accusations of gerrymandering Republicans charged that the map was made so that all 8 of the state's congressional districts would favor Democrats We would have loved to have seen the fair and balanced throughout the state and I don't have a sense that we have that And a rundle Republican senator Edward Riley and he's not alone The Princeton gerrymandering project gave the map an F when it came to partisan fairness and geographic compactness Frederick county democratic senator Ronald young admitted it may not be perfect but I think we've developed a map that's fair Could it be better Probably Passing 32 to 15 the map now heads to governor Larry Hogan who has said he'll veto it he has 6 days to do that Michelle Morello WTP news Meanwhile North Carolina's highest court delayed the state's planned march 8th primary until may while state courts review claims of illegal gerrymandering The order by the justices means candidates filing a now is suspended until the litigation is resolved The primary is now pushed back to May 17th for all offices including legislative seats and seats in the U.S. House and Senate New technology to reduce drunk driving is about to get a valuable test in Virginia and it'll start with truckers Neither national will be installing the new technology in 8 of its trucks It will un intrusively measure the driver's blood alcohol level And if they provide a BAC level that is above that legal limit the vehicle will not move forward Virginia DMV commissioner Rick holkham says this will expose the system's sensors to almost a million.

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