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McClain in a chokehold and injected him with a sedative during an arrest. The claim. Lost consciousness, was hospitalized and was later removed from life support. But now grand jury has indicted three officers and two paramedics in the death of Elijah McClain is the 23 year old black man who's put in a chokehold. It's been nearly 18 months since Greg and Travis McMichael pursued Shot and killed. Ahmad are very as he was taking a jog in a neighborhood in south Georgia. But now the former district attorney of Brunswick, Georgia, facing an indictment in connection to her action surrounding the Ahmad are very investigation. And although the public only recently learned about it, it's been more than two years since Louisiana State police troopers brutalized and killed Ronald Green during a routine traffic stop. But now in video obtained, released and edited by The Associated Press, the brutal in violent arrest and subsequent death of Ronald Green is captured on body camera. If justice delayed is indeed, justice denied Then we must ask is just as possible in any of these cases or the hundreds of others that never make the headlines. If there's one person I know who could help me respond to this question, it's attorney Ben Crump. He's been the attorney for a lot of high profile cases, including Trayvon, Martin, Michael Brown, Brianna Taylor, George Floyd, in the town of Flint, Michigan, and his attorney to Ahmad are very as well. Mr Trump, Welcome back to the takeaway. Thank you so much for having me Melissa is such a honor to be with you. Can you explain to our audience just a little bit about the steps along the long road when someone is unjustly killed, maybe particularly in.

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