DNC, FBI, Michael Caputo discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Interview with trump attorney and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani last night giuliani said the trump did repay his attorney michael cohen the one hundred thirty thousand dollars for the arrangement and assisted did not come out of campaign funds trump says the agreement was to stop daniels for making false and extortionist accusations about an affair she says she had with him more than a decade ago former trump campaign aide tells abc news special counsel robert muller's team is still very much focused on whether there was collusion between the trump campaign and russia during the election more from abc's pierre thomas trump political adviser michael caputo helped in the early stages of the campaign from trump tower says he won't soon forget the grilling he says he took from two fbi agents and a prosecutor with the special counsel team three hours plus they weren't pulling any punches at some points in time got kind of frightening caputo says the agents knew so much about his life it scared him they know everything appear they know more about what i did in two thousand sixteen than i do but will the investigators after they're talking about the timing of some things that happened at the campaign at the convention i think they're completely focused on collusion with russia according to caputo there was a lot of focus on the hack of the dnc by russian operative known as goose for and wikileaks which published stolen information this is historic assessment on whether muller is anywhere near done investigating possible collusion i'm hoping this end soon but it sounds to me like they have more digging to do today give you any sense that they have anything i believe that they they think they're onto something what that is i don't know but they're not messing around caputo says investigators pepperdine with questions abolish friends the president's personal attorney.

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