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N. O. F. M. twenty minutes of non stop news starts now coming up it's not just the virus I'm Brian Calvert with the second thing threatening many households and it's prompting a number of calls traffic and weather in four minutes but first ABC news good morning it's eight o'clock from ABC news I'm sharing Preston the covert nineteen death toll here in New York City surging past four thousand more than the number of people killed on nine eleven AM all federal health officials are optimistic that the curve maybe flattening even in New York mayor bill de Blasio says the city's public hospitals are simply overwhelmed this is about the most essential concept of ensuring that everyone gets health care regardless of their background regardless of their zip code regardless of their income that has been the entire idea of our extraordinary public hospital system from the very beginning more than a third of the deaths in New York City have been among the Hispanic community with thousands of cases or suspected cases among health care workers Michigan is afraid it might run out of personal protective equipment this week in Louisiana however they're more optimistic the fear just a few days ago was that New Orleans with the deepest concentration of covert nineteen cases in Louisiana was about to run out of ventilators now governor John bel Edwards says the number of new cases has started to level off but just because we think we're starting to flatten the curve doesn't mean our job is over and in fact now is the time to double down he still wants everybody in his state to keep their distance and to stay home as much as possible Jim Ryan ABC news how rapid result testing is now beginning to roll out and a handful of states ABC's Matt Gutman has more on how it works those presenting symptoms can sign up online and if approved test for free and then at a test site a healthcare worker in PP comes to your window and hands you a swamp the sample is loaded into an on site testing machine positive test results yielded in about five minutes negative results in about fifteen minutes sources tell ABC news that as far back as like November U. S. intelligence officials were warning that a contagion was sweeping through China's Wuhan region the information detailed in the president's daily briefing in January that was up three eighteen you're listening to ABC news stay connected stay informed the como morning news it's eight oh two Wednesday morning the eighth day of April the sun is shining in Seattle and it's forty four degrees along with great Herschel time at the factor here the top stories from the come of twenty four seven news center despite a spike in calls to poison control centers across the country related to the spreading pandemic ankle sprain Calvert tells us it's not just kids getting into mischief making king at the Washington poison center our allowed trend just like the rest of the boys the United States she says with most of us staying home our minds are elsewhere now would be a good time to focus on the products kids can get into but it's not just kids sometimes it's the adults who read things online about how to protect yourself some of Ghana's farmers drinking diluted household bleach they said really never inject disinfectants like bleach or any sort of non pharmaceutical substance that claim to prevent or treat your child does get into the hand sanitizer usually eating or drinking something mild neutralizes.

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