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Know, it's a it's a great business to be in. If you need a tax shelter because you're gonna lose a lot of money. Children's says wow, fifty years, he says, I'll tell you. It's been one heck of a ride, and that's Reid wasn't just Richard children's. He looks around the room. It's about you all not about me. And it was just part of it. And it was a dream only in America could a kid with a dream and an old twenty dollar race car. Be standing here today. Fifty years later in the new year. Uh-huh. Right. Well, revealing that he had recently been asked why he's still at the business. The seventy three year old team owner said he's simply reply was that he wants to win. He says heck, I never thought I'd lived to be fifty much less. Be racing. Fifty years later children's chuckled. He says he started racing at Baldwin grace stadium, which there is a series now a TV series called the Bowman gray stadium. And it's a it's a weekly series. It's off on what channel it was on the history channel history channel or velocity. I'll have to look for that. He's back. He says he was like seventeen eighteen years old back in the day when he started off, and that wasn't that great with driver, unfortunately. But. Everything with the are revolves around racing and that was evident even during his celebration amid the failing its fiftieth anniversary logo and a video of our greatest hits. A few pieces of news were announced one the celebration will continue in Daytona as Austin Dillon. And Daniel Hamrick were gold cars Hamrick is also going to be writing the number eight instead of the thirty one as he competes for rookie of the year as partner in painted ski walls will be rolled out. Jerry punch, formerly the ESPN Servizi event moderator and riled up. The crowd by telling them he was taking a picture from the podium. Pudge said he wanted to document the mall because he had a specific captured in mind for Twitter. This is what the championship team looked like before two thousand nineteen season began by said because I think things are ahead having to hold another toast one year from now children's wouldn't mind. So congratulations to Richard for fifty years into the industry at helping his grandsons out. I mean, it's that's pretty strong. He's got a good reputation. He's done a lot for India. A lot for the industry and. Yeah. Well, liked very very well. Like you had any motorsport? Nothing. That that. But I got a nice little smile going here. Races coming up. I mean, it's we're just we're only weeks away from the Daytona five hundred. Yeah. The local tracks. Well is right around the corner is is going to start in February. Yeah. We've got motocross start out. And you're gonna be headed to that. You got on Friday the fourth up there angel stadium. Monster trucks, aren't heavy. I was watching stadium truck races with Robby, Gordon. Yeah. So that's that's series is alive and well for twenty nineteen so I was happy to see that. And then in January.

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