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Is this if anyone disagrees. That they are in the most winnable division and football. I'd love to have that argument. Right thing was a garbage dump last year. The division right we all we all. You're talking about it every each and every week and you've talked about it all off season. Well what what how much. How much is different right so eagles second year. Talented young quarterback. Can they take that leap washington who won. The division last year has fits magic now at quarterback and a good young defense that they're going to be dangerous this year. Dak prescott comes back for the dallas cowboys. The cowboys height knows no knows. No limits not only are people predicting. Some people are predicting. Oh cowboys for the nfc east. But it's they're going to win. You're going to win the super bowl the giants we'll see it's referendum time on daniel jones on and then joe judge. The clock is already starting to take their a little bit with with his approach. To trying to get to winning football and saquon barkley has to prove that he can stay healthy for year. so can eagles win the division. Why not not. There's going to be tough to tough competition cowboys in washington. I would think but why can't they and if they win the division if assuming we are truly through the pandemic and we got a full house at the link not why not win a playoff game or two or shock. People look at if. I sat here last year and i said you know what i love the tampa bay buccaneers this year. Officer gonna make a run through the play offs and all the heavyweights. They're going to go up against they're gonna beat them and they're going to roll in the super bowl even with tom brady on the roster. You'd have been like yeah man. This is the nfl. Why not why not any team. An eagles shirt. I'm reminded of ninety. Five and ray rhodes is first season with the eagles. That was not a team. Anybody expected to do anything. And you had a quarterback who was not awesome. That you're rodney. Pete managed the game. Well he made some place happening made some things happen and was able to get the big scores when they need them. They had a dynamic running. Back deal and ricky waters and charlie garner. They had some talent on the outside with barnett. Barnett was winding down. His time in philadelphia's he was not the star that he was at the start of his career there but they had a defensive line and defense that was really carrying them throughout most of the season and took advantage of a weak last place schedule at year. So you had all those different factors and to me i think. That's the blueprint here. If jalen hurts can just can manage these games and like you said make some plays with his feet. Make some plays on the run. Be the dynamic guy. He doesn't necessarily need to go thirty five for forty two for three hundred fifty yards in the pocket..

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