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Com. The homeowner expert LLC and MLS number 13 26 to 41 Man Bear with traffic on the FIEs Follow us on Twitter at W IBC Traffic. Stephanie Mead, which TV meteorologist what's going on? Yeah. Good morning. Another hot and humid day. Partly cloudy sky with an isolated shower chance during the afternoon hours. Daytime high today should tap out at 90 degrees with feel like temperatures this afternoon in the middle to upper nineties Tonight partly to mostly cloudy skies should be another mild and muggy overnight with lows in the low seventies, and we'll start to see a cool down during the day tomorrow. Mostly cloudy was a good chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms. High temperatures topping out in the lower eighties and then by Thursday mostly cloudy, maybe a few shower and thunderstorm chances remaining in the Forecast with high temps in the low eighties. Once we see this front completely clear the state by the end of the week and into this upcoming holiday weekend high should tap out in the upper seventies to near 80 with low humidity and it looks dry through about the fourth of July. So we have really nice weather to look ahead to by the end of the week and into this upcoming weekend, that is Stephanie Meat, of which TV Stephanie Thank you 72 degrees in the American Standard Cooling Weather Center. The time is seven. Oh, seven. Hmm Hmm. Hmm. Carmel Clay schools voted yesterday to approve of Covid 19 reopening plan for the 2021 2022 school year. Tony Katz 93. W I. B. C Good morning. It's got all students returning to in person learning five days a week. The question is Are these students wearing masks? The school board vote came soon after. This.

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