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Waves going back looking up it is gone Going. Down and. Getting that one About five rose to the students over, the National League gotta town scoreboard half with his. Fourteenth home run of the year a solo shot has. Reestablished that four on cobbs lead. It's five to one Jim Jackson the call here on ninety four WIP Zach Heflin lasted just five innings and. Falling to nine and six Phillies now three games behind the Braves, after the Braves beat the pirates five to three Saturday night with the eagles over just five days away eagles GM Howie Roseman spoke today after the roster. Purge down to fifty three players he, said they, may not be done you know now are scouts already hard at work and they have been throughout the preseason game headstart on cuts and seeing if there are ways we can prove our fifty. Three man roster and practice squad they do a great job our entire front office and collaboration that goes, on is fun to. See Roseman not confirm your reports the Nick foles. Would be the quarterback Thursday, night some other notable cuts receiver Bryce Craig's defense Events Stephen means a quarterback Christian. Hackenberg Joe, Callahan college football Villanova down temple nineteen, seventeen at the link to begin the season wanna know Penn State gets by Appalachian state but needed overtime forty five thirty eight CBS three eyewitness weather partly. Sunny and warm with a chance for showers Saturday I eighty four Joe Altimonte the story twenty minutes before, and after every hour. For breaking news and scores follow sports radio WIP. On Twitter and like on, Facebook twenty twenty.

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