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That's exactly right. Like February, if you're a hunting and fishing kind of fellow February. Can be, you know, the dog as there's nothing like you might not be like kicking tons asked lifetime season, and so then you go out there and it's like, wow, well, like a productive fishery in the wetter. But to be there in the summer, it's still fun. You're sorta like, what could be a could be? We could also go sure. It's got a different kind of joy in the wintertime too. Because like you said, it's this desolate hostile place, and here's you get this like bright spot of this fresh fish that you're like, oh man, yes, it's like it's, it's a, it's a little bit of a buzz if you like, having place all yourself. That's a good thing. That's the best time. People look funny and the Fisher can be great. Yeah. In the winter dude should be doing it. Those bigger ones. Tug a little bit. Yeah, they do. Now, you cool on that. I want to get into the world's greatest efficient. It was pretty amazing. Lights out, go along with that so lamb something I never do. I should say that I rarely do, but almost want to do more of because of how much you learn, which is go out with a go on a charter, go out with a guide. And I'm kinda down on it because it's never like not down on it, but it's never as much fun as because you're not solving the problems yourself. Right. And so a lot of what I like about hunting fishing is solving the problem solving and thinking that goes into it and like teamwork. Right. And when you're out of the guy, just kind of you're not catching the fish, if anything you just like hindering the operation? No. Did they would you know that everything you're doing? They would do better and they're the brain behind it. And you just stand there, you know, with your. In your hand. Well, this person's plot and figuring and they've gotten the bait together. They put the plan together, they know what to do and you're like standard doing all right down. Right. Tell me when. Yeah, and you've done nothing. Nothing? Yeah. You haven't even tied your own stuff on someone. People are kinda like, oh, I caught a blankety blank, you know, caught a x. pound blankety blank with a guy like the guide caught it right? Like he'd let you realit- in thing, but it wasn't like your fish. Yeah, in the world is salmon steelhead and the oarsmen in a drift boat. The ornaments usually takes in my opinion, takes credit for most fish and injure. That's putting you on the fish. All he's telling you to do is cast over there. The oarsmen is a guy, exerting the skill, you know, I mean. The thing though with with higher guide, what it does do the positives of it. If you don't have like if it's not readily accessible, it's great for shortening learning curve. Oh, that's why. Yeah. In this case, what's the name of that operation? All river, all rivers, water charters, all rivers and saltwater charters. Yeah. The dues recyled they dialed in. Skipper they made it a good day. We got into what we did during the made it a good day. Is it those guys wanna being like dudes out fish with anyway? Yeah, treated us like dudes like they were good enough actors or. Jen felt this way we're like the the interaction was was. Like everyone on equal footing? Yeah, you know, they're like we clearly like the fit catch fish. They clearly still like to catch fish. I say, still because I imagined someday it goes away when you guide too long. I asked in on the way back in, I was like, what are you doing your spare time? Because I know when you guide a lot, a lot of times you don't fish that much and your spare time and he's like, I go fishing. So. Wave your job. They like to fish, talk about fish. They catch fish. We showed up dress parts. We look like, you know, we got off the plane. Yes, they're probably like, okay, we're not going to be like getting hooks out of people's hands all day long. Maine, was that fun? The whole? So arms tired. You need a vest because we, we went out fishing, twenty miles out. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, but it was so smooth. If you snapped your fingers, it could freeze it solid. You could ice skated on it was. Though much smoother than a baby's bottom..

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