George Karl, Rana, Viggo discussed on AM Tampa Bay


Fighting crabs shrimps Viggo, the shrimps evil shrimps that. Rana's? About the marauding mullets. Allots the bogeymen. Okay. The. Cigarette. Mascot. Maybe it's some free Bogart. I don't know. But the executioners I like that one. Elementary school. That's good. You know, offending any any dead people or anything any dead people, the wimps or the gardenias. I like that the wimps I like that. Ps the amoeba. Good. The fighting amoeba. Or the love bugs. Work. The have two people. Have pulled around. Jay stadium. Half love bug. Good. The love. Vogue northern Mockingbird is that one work, and let's see who did George Karl offered his two team nicknames. Well, he points out Seminoles Indians chiefs, these are tributes to them. Nobody calls themselves something they don't want to be associated with these clowns are idiots. He says sorry, I've offended clowns in idiots. That's true. He's political correctness fools. They are clowns.

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