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Quick. Take this is Bloomberg Radio Noah Global News Update. The U. S death toll from the Corona virus is expected to pass 300,000 today. The database at Johns Hopkins University Saturday put the total number of covert 19 related deaths in the U. S at over 297,000. The virus has killed over 1.6 million worldwide Covert vaccines are expected to start arriving at hospitals beginning Monday. Chief operating officer at Operation Warp Speed, Army General Gus Purna says yesterday the Fizer vaccines will be shipped out to 636 locations nationwide in the next 24 hours. The shipments will be escorted by U. S marshals and tagged with tracking devices in the vaccine will be chilled at negative 94 degrees during transport and assistant nursing Professor at U C L. A says she got the covert vaccine and experiencing side effects. Matt Matt Johnson with the tails Kristen Choice says they showed up after the booster shot. Chills, nausea, fatigue headache the day after that vaccine on Ben that evening, I started to develop a fever, and that kind of escalated overnight. I woke up the next morning with a very high fever. I took part in the Fizer vaccine trials and saw symptoms come and go over the course of a day, she says. The good news is that most people will not experience symptoms, and if they do, they'll go away. I met Madden Sin a woman is scoring points in a power five college football game for the first time. Vanderbilt kicker Sarah Fuller kicked two extra points Saturday during the Commodore's 42 17 home field loss against Tennessee. It was only Fuller second football game. She's the goalkeeper for Vanderbilt SEC tournament champion soccer team. Fuller became the first woman to play in a power five game on November 28. The only total solar eclipse of the year will take place Monday over South America. According to NASA. The solar eclipse will be visible across the midsection of Chile and Argentina. Some ships in the southern Pacific and Atlantic may also be able to see it. The celestial event will be live streamed on NASA TV for the rest of the world and will begin at 9:40 A.m. eastern. I'm Lisa Taylor. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wants Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie to resign after he reportedly covered up claims that the sexual assault, the bas inspector general found that Wilkie disparaged a congressional aide after she told him she was sexually assaulted it of a facility. The watchdog also discovered Wilkie meddled with the investigation and lied to investigators to top veterans advocacy groups. That sense called for Wilkie's resignation. Wilkie denies doing anything wrong. Virgin Galactic says it's test pilots are okay after it unexpectedly aborted a test flight of its spacecraft, Jim Forbes, with details. The rocket was heading towards space over New Mexico when it suddenly turned toward home. Company tweeted. The ignition sequence for the rocket motor did not complete, it announced. The vehicle and crew are in great shape, the statement added. They have additional motors and expect to have the vehicle back in flight very soon. This was to be the third test flight of the SS Unity. I'm Jim Forbes the CMA award to denying that it contributed to the covert 19 related death of Charley Pride. The country music legend was given a lifetime achievement award at the ceremony November 11th. The awards were held indoors at the Music City Center in Nashville. And during the broadcast, many viewers expressed concern that those in attendance were not wearing masks. A statement on Charley Pride's Facebook Page says he was admitted to the hospital in late November with Cove in 19 type symptoms and was unable to Overcome the virus. He died Saturday at age 86. After the news broke, the country Music Association started receiving back clinicians. Fans speculated he caught the virus of the awards. The CMA has released a statement denying the claim and said after the ceremony, Charley Pride tested negative multiple times in college football. USC is headed to the Pac 12 Championship game to face Washington, while two top 10 teams were upset in the college gridiron Saturday, the 15th ranked Trojans advanced with Colorado's lost to Utah. USC later.

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